Friday, July 20, 2012


Yesterday at work, I was sent to the Garden Center.  All by my lonesome on the single register.  And, ya know., I really actually loved being out there.  It was a perfect day.  Compared to the recent hot ones.  The decorative waterfalls make a glorious sound and I could look at all the fliers and learn about return policies as I pleased.  It was just me.  There with my thoughts among thoughts.  And on most days; that's refreshing.
I had a conversation with a guest that started on the subject of Post-its and morphed into college and faith.  Turns out we kinda know each other.  And then I wrote words on receipt paper., and that can never be boring.  

So. Today., I do rather love my life.  I'm grateful for my friends who drove long hours to see me and are staying until Sunday.  I'm grateful I have an incredibly comfy bed and a second employer in Hulu (that's a joke).  I'm grateful that I have a sister who loves me so incredibly.  I'm grateful I grew up with the English language, because the word 'grateful' not being spelled 'great-full' has never really sat well with me.  I'm grateful for Post-it's and rebates that make them 39 cents.  I'm grateful for parents who aren't annoying to live with (compared to the rest of them).  I'm grateful for a mother who cries because she cracks my toe-nail and I'm grateful for a father who plays cribbage with me and my friends.  I'm grateful for all my friends throughout the states.  I'm grateful for my possible futures.  I'm grateful for my sewing machine and my new over-sized man shirt I'll be making into a skirt.  I'm grateful for pleasant guests with pleasant smiles.  And I'm grateful I don't have to work tomorrow.  

In other news, I'm at the coffee shop again with Blake and Jules.  I'm "working on my resume"... or at least I will be soon... once I finish watching my episode of White Collar.  And they sit across from me watching Downton Abbey.  They are quite addicted and it's quite entertaining.  My lil bro will be showing up soon.  It's always great to see him.  And tonight., we're going out to fish fry with the parents.  So., as you can see, it's a very fun filled day.  And I am very grateful for it all.    

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Less Than Three.

Among what I've recently identified as sadness or loneliness, I've managed to find quite a bit of happiness.  
I'm a little late on the blogging of last weekend, but.. better late than never they say.  

Two sets of my great friends got married.  Zach and Sarah Strout on Friday the 6th, and Jordan and Niquita Hohm on Saturday the 7th.  I got to see Blake and my long lost friend, Evan, so that was lovely. I also got to hang out with Aves and Jace, who are Blake's niece and nephew.  They say the dardest things.  

Sunday night, two of my favorite people showed up on my doorstep.  Their love probably couldn't have come at a better time.  Today we're gonna go camp out at the coffeeshop.  
Man. Do I love them.  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hohm Is Where The Heart Is.

Well.  This is an ode to the loveliest couple I know.  Jordan and Niquita soon-to-be Hohm.  

Tomorrow., I get to see Nikweeta at last.  It's been far too long.  But (perhaps) more importantly than that, Niqui and Jordan get married this Saturday.  And I could not be more excited.  

There really hasn't been a couple [aside from the obvious set of parents..] that has taught me more about love and a relationship.  They probably don't even realize what an example they are.  Being Nikweeta's roommate was one of the best semesters of my life.  Not only because I was her roojmie., but because I got to see their relationship first hand.  The love that they modeled was what I really needed to see in that college year.  To see what a genuine relationship really should look like.  And I couldn't have picked two more perfect people if I would have tried.  I can't wait to watch their marriage and hold their babies someday.
I'm just so excited to see them both.  And to see them get MURRIED!!