Monday, October 17, 2011

Mistakes and Forgiveness.

I wrote this awhile ago. Found it again.

I understand that we are all imperfect people.  On a day to day basis we make mistakes.  Simple mistakes like forgetting to include someone to big mistakes like putting our hope in things or situations that we know will disappoint us again and again.  And something awesome about making mistakes is that we can learn from them.  Once we get our heart broken, we learn to stand the breeze a bit more before falling over next time.  When we poke ourselves on a rose, next time we'll be a bit more hesitant to touch it.  But sometimes these mistakes aren't that simple.  We repeatedly let down the ones we love.  We take for granted our families, we assume things, we say things we don't believe.  We tell God we put our trust in him but then we turn and try to win our prizes over by ourselves.  But what's great about these big mistakes is that we are forgiven.  Not forgiven in a way that we can mess up again and again because we know we'll be forgiven; but forgiven in the way that we get a chance to try harder the next day.  We can try harder to love someone that just makes us cringe, we can try harder to hold doors for the person behind us, and we can try harder to just make people smile.  Because what is this life about after all?  Are we here for our own well being, or is life something greater than that?  And I know that I made millions of mistakes today, and I am sure I will do the same tomorrow, but the glory in that is that in Christ I can be forgiven, and next time, I can try that much harder for Him who first forgave me.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


It's probably too soon for a blogging break from homework, but I'm taking it anyways.  I have a crazy amount of homework to do this weekend.  But the fact that it's Saturday before noon and I've already started my homework... AND I don't have class Monday.. well for me, that's amazing.  Usually my intentions about doing homework on Saturday fails and I end up doing it all Sunday and regretting my decision.  

In other news, I'm home for the weekend.  And it's grand.  Yesterday I almost ate a whole block of baby colby cheese just because I missed it that much.  And last night I watched 'Freedom Writers' with my parents.  And not only is that movie amazing and inspirational, I got to watch it with my family.  And tonight my sister is spending the night and we're all going to carve pumpkins and eat apple crisp and hopefully play games.  Oh. My. Gosh.  I'm so excited! And tomorrow is church and football watching with my Daddio; followed by watching the Amazing Race with him.  Man.  This is too good to be true.  Then Monday will be a nice lazy day for me which will probably consist of finishing up some homework.  And then around 5, I head back to school.  

In more other news, I'm kind of debating getting rid of my facebook.  A few weeks ago, I got rid of it for a few days in a row- just because I was sick of it and the constant state of our society always having to be updated by things.  And then when I got back on facebook, I almost felt guilty about it.  And then this lady came to talk at our COR lecture about how technology today affects us.  And it's crazy, really- how we all can have this online persona of who we want to be and not really be that.  And although I don't feel like I try to be a different person on facebook,.. I suppose we all do a little.  I mean, I delete ugly pictures of myself that people put up because I want the world to think I always look good.  But really.  Who always looks good?  No one I know.  But it's just all the pictures and all the unnecessary updating that just makes me almost feel disgusted.  And I do believe that the people who love me and want to keep in touch with me would do that without facebook.  In fact, it may even cut out the superficial relationships.  So yea.  That's my thought process with that.  So we'll see.  
Back to homework. 

P.S.  Listen to 'Let It Be' by Kris Allen.  So. Good.