Monday, January 31, 2011

Wonderfully Regular.

Sorry to bore you with details of a 'regular' day.  But when a regular day is actually a wonderful regular day, it only makes sense. 
So here it is.

It started with Family Bible Church, which I'm growing quite fond of.  Then Sarah and I got together, which turned out to be refreshing.  Then I had small talk with a couple of the girls in my house and was reminded of how blessed I am to have girls like this that not only look up to me, but whom I look up to.  Then we went to Nikweeta's house where her family so kindly made enchiladas for Jordan, Matt, Niqui and me.  Too good to deserve.  Then I came back and (not to brag), but I kind of cruised through my Linear homework like a rockstar.  Which was again, refreshing.  Then I had an RC meeting which was long overdue.  My staff is loads of fun.  After that, my overdue skype date with Michael was fulfilled.  And now I'm working on a killer CD mix to give to my friends.  Just some songs that encourage me, and I felt I should share the encouragement.  And that about brings my day to a close.  

Basically, I feel like my day was just made today by a lot of people surrounding me.  I just feel so blessed to have people.  
So here's to friends who remind you to love a bit longer and try a bit harder.  Friends who are there to fill you up.  Here's to having a family and friends back home that are worthy of missing.  Here's to new beginnings.  Here's to music about my Savior.  Here's to being able to eat chocolate and brush my teeth right after.  Here's to journaling and blogging and everything therapeutic.  
This is the bible verse I found on my Multivariable Calculus binder when I was looking up mathematical induction today:
"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope."  -Romans 15:13  

I always pretend that I'm gonna go to bed early.  But, alas, it's 1am again.  Oh well.  Tomorrow is a new day.  

Saturday, January 29, 2011


On occasion, being far away from home can cause a girl to feel a little bit homesick.  And for the most part, I'm okay.  Some days I miss my dad.  Some days I miss my mom.  Some days I miss my dogs.  Actually, all those things happen on more of a regular basis.  But with my sister, it's a little bit different.  It's more of like, just this constant state of missing.  And sometimes it turns into an overwhelming sense of missing whenever I text her or get off the phone with her.
The thing is, that I just love her so much.  And I wish I still lived by her.  And a huge part of me wishes I wouldn't have wasted all of those high school years arguing over why it was okay for me to steal the last tee-shirt I borrowed.
But somewhere after that we grew up and became wonderfully close.
And I just wish I saw her more than once or twice a year.
So, if you have a sibling close, hang out with them.  And don't forget that they're there.
Jenna Lynn, I love you.  And cannot wait to hug you next.
P.S. Go Pack!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't Forget To Smile.

It's the second official day of classes.  And my day went like this. 
I slept in until ten.  Grand.  Then Blake came over and we went to our first ever class together in the history of the world: New Testament Survey.  Then I ran back to my house to grab an orange before Non-Euclidean Geometry and History. Then I came back to eat lunch, and then I was off to Linear Algebra.  Now, as far as my classes go, I think it'll be alright.  Non-Euclidean should be interesting and informative.  I think it'll be interesting to learn about where math comes from and why we have theories for the things we do.  Call me a nerd.  And.. Linear seems like it might be okay, but it'll take a week or so to see.  I sure am back to the homework though.  "Tonight should be just a little chunk, so not too bad.  No more over 6 to 8 hours."  Okay Dr. Peters.  Thanks.  But, despite the homework, he is the grandest professor. 

Then I went for a jog.  And as I was jogging, I passed a cute old man slowly walking with a walker.  I said hi and smiled, and he gave me back a toothless smile.  It was as if he didn't quite comprehend my 'hello', but he completely understood my smile.  And I was reminded that smiling is, in fact, the same in all languages.  Soon after a little chihuahua in a red sweater tried to out-run me.  Yea. . Good luck little man.  

And now here I sit with my celery and Natural Creamy Jif Peanut Butter.  I guess I'm a choosy mom.  
Now it's time to knock out some Linear homework.  Then some iced coffee with Nikweeta.  Then Vespers.  Then homework.  And by that time, I'll be more than ready for some sleep.  

"Happiness is in the heart. Not the circumstances."  -Dove chocolate.    

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Simply Grand.

I thought a bit of blogging was in store before bed tonight.  So.  Alas.  Here it is. 

Today was a grand day.  I feel like I over use the word 'grand', but I really don't have other words at this time of day.  I worked this morning, then made a pretty delicious lunch.  After that Jordan, Nikweeta and I went to the annex.  And I must say I had a pretty killer work out.  Then I cut Nikweeta's hair.  Then Jordan's.  Then we ate spaghetti.  Then Steph came over and we crafted and watched Grey's. 

So.  There really isn't anything specific.  No deep thoughts or miracles.  Just a simply grand day.  And I'm all for acknowledging the simplest of things in life.  

I love my friends.  I love my blessings.  I love this day. 


  • Nikweeta showed me some videos from the Dominican today.  Presh. 
  • School starts in two days.  Technically tomorrow.  Whaat? 
  • I love Sharpies.  And iced coffee.  

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Da. Best.

It's quite possible that I have the best roommate ever.  And tonight we played cards with awesome people and Just Danced.  And... I'm quite speechless.  But she's simply the best. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


First off.  I really love my dogs.  I wish Snickers was sitting in my hood and Peppe was sitting by my side.  Even though I'm not wearing a hood, and most dogs don't sit in hoods, but you understand. 

More thoughts on love, well., I've come to the conclusion that I think that I'm not delicate enough.  Not saying that I'm not, just saying that I don't see myself as delicate enough to love.  I think men like delicate women.  Women that they can hold and rescue, things like that.  Believe me though, I will let a man hold me.  The right one.  But what I'm saying is, that I don't think guys see that.  I feel like guys see me as a 'bro', and who wants that?  I mean, with some guys, being their bro is a grand thing, but with others, it's like umm. . I'm holdable.  And maybe I'm what they need but they just don't realize it.  But.  The right one.  Someday.  I'm trusting the big guy.  

Also.  I really love Starfield.  Absolutely.  Such a good song. 
"Jesus you have me completely. Every breathe that I breathe. I am absolutely in love.  Jesus I am yours forever. All of me surrenders. I am absolutely in love with you.  
All I am is yours."  

Monday, January 17, 2011

Will You Accept This Rose?

It's been brought to my attention [again] why I don't own much white clothing.  You see, last night, I was wearing a white V-neck, and got green frosting on it.  Then today, I'm sitting on my couch drinking coffee and carelessly chatting on facebook, when I spill coffee on the side of my white tank top.  And that is why I don't own white things.  Because in the past. . month, I've probably only worn white today and yesterday.  And well, you see what happened.  But at least it's laundry day and Shout works miracles. 

Right now I'm sitting at Julie's eating Dark Chocolate covered Pomegranate pieces and watching the Bachelor.  All delicious.  The girls on this show are so dumb.  And filled with drama.  You know, the Bachelor has such an interesting concept.  When is it ever okay to date 25 girls at once?  Never.  Ha.  But on this show, people root for it. 

Had a New Orleans meeting today.  Gosh am I excited.  I'll probably talk about it at least every third blog.  Today was our first official meeting.  We had to pick and object from the table that we felt represented us.  I picked the calculator because well., I like math and I'm a nerd.  Rachel took the candle, because we are called to be the light of the world.  Julie took the chicken, because it was closest to her and she eats chicken.  Matt took the soccer ball because he enjoys playing sports.  Britney, the Starbucks card because she's a coffee addict.  The other Britney took crayons because she likes to color.  Scott took the passport because he likes to travel, and Josh took the shoe because he's a runner.  So.  That was most of my group, they're all grand thus far.  I think there's only like... 7 weeks until we go. Whoa!  


  • The face of Uncle Sam was modeled after a door-to-door salesman from Canada.  . . Interesting. 
  • Tomorrow is a roojmie date with Nikweeta.  I am sooo excited.  Despicable Me and some sort of supper along with crafts.  Fun. Filled.
  • Improv show tonight. Woot. woot!   

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Right now I'm in a 'blah' mood.  And I never have a real good reason to be.  But I am. 
I think today it's loneliness.  Which is dumb, because I have friends who love me.  But it's one of those days where everyone else seems happier than me.  Friends have other people to spend their time with, and ex-boyfriends seem to fall in love with other girls more easily today.  I look worse in the mirror on days like today.  And I get a bit more homesick on days like today.  Day's like 'Blah'. 

But I have to remember that I'm drinking delicious Chocolate Truffle coffee from my Christmas gift [Mr. Coffee].  And my abs hurt, but it's that good kind of I-may-be-getting-stronger-hurt.  And the Packers are playing tonight.  And they're gonna win.  And I get to watch it with some pretty cool people.  And Shayla reminded me how much she loves me.  She said: 
...and i love that you love me. if I'm grateful for anyone's love it's yours. I mean that. You're a much bigger blessing than you know. And reminders like that are lovely on days like today. And I'm about to leave to go paint with some pretty grand people. So days like today turn out okay after all.

I Like Coffee. I Like Tea.

Welcome to randomness. 

Turns out, I'm the queen of smearing thumb nails right after I paint them.  Always happens.  No way around it.  My nails are teal today, by the way. 

Also turns out, that I really don't like the new facebook.  Facebook could just pick one way to be and stick with it.  Instead of always trying to update.  No one likes it anyways.  And if you are going to update., make it better.  Not worse. 

I'm super pumped for New Orleans, which is where I'll be venturing to this Spring Break.  Can't.  Wait. 

Also.  Just watched I Am Legend.  Honestly, kinda sad., but quite a wonderful film.  On that note, zombies are super creepy.  And I'm incredibly thankful they don't actually exist.    

Kaylee made me really delicious chai tea in an adorable tea pot.  And followed it up with giving me three different kinds of loose tea.  Can't wait to try them. My white teeth are slowly turning yellow.  

I got to spend some quality time in my kitchen today with Shayla.  Gosh I love her.  Even though time was spent by her cooking her own birthday meal and washing dishes, valuable to say the least.  Who doesn't like sitting on the kitchen floor?  Happy birthday, by the way, my dear.  Thanks for spending it with me.  

Living in Tower next year is gonna be the best.  If that's what happens.  

Vespers last night was powerful and awesome.  Nothing like a little worshiping Jesus and praying with people to make you recognize what life is all about.

The girls in my house are true blessings.  Things like coffee with Jennifer today and a chat with Lindsey last night just make me realize that I have nothing to fuss about.  God is good and He is here.  

I'm so glad I'm reading Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.  One of my flaws is that I fail to challenge myself to grow and I find living in my comfort zone, well. . . comfortable.  So, when I heard this book was intense I was a bit afraid to read it.  But I'm super glad I am.

And.  I think that's all I got.    

Monday, January 10, 2011

Love Is Like A Hammock.

Beware.  I have a lot on my mind and no organization to the thoughtfulness.  Let's see how it goes. . . 

First things first. The explanation for the thoughtfulness.  I have no class over interterm.  So.  I have no homework to focus my attention towards.  And when you're sitting alone for awhile, I think the only result, regardless of what you have to do, is thoughts.  And contemplativeness.  That's a word.  I didn't make it up. 

Second things second.  Love.  You know.  Whoa.  It's such a strange and scary thing.  I don't know if I could come up with an accurate metaphor regarding how I feel about it today.  Maybe  . . . it's like a lightning bug.  You see it, and it's so attractive to you.  Like, almost intriguing.  And you want that light on that lightning bugs butt, but you can't just take the light.  Meh.  I don't know.  That's a bad metaphor.  
Maybe it's more like . . a hammock.  See to me, hammocks look kinda difficult to get into.  And having a hammock in my room has shown me that a lot of people are scared to get in that hammock, too.  But once you're in the hammock.  Gosh.  So comfy.  Sometimes your legs fall asleep.  So you have to adjust a bit.  Sometimes Nikweeta has to crawl under to get her clothes, so I have to shift a bit.  You gotta adjust even when you're comfy in the hammock.  But then it goes right back to being comfy.  Cozy.  Cuddly.  That still isn't exactly the best metaphor.  Like I said.  Hard to pin what it is.  But.  Love is just so hard to explain.  And I'm not even in it.  So how can I explain it right?  Right.  I can't.  So.   I'll stop trying. 

Next.  Well. . I need to trust in God.  And I do.  But sometimes it gets hard.  But it's not okay to pick and choose.  I have to trust God with it all.  Trust God that boredom and contemplativeness over interterm can be used for good, and possibly short lived.  Trust in and be thankful for the blessings I've received in the form of relationships with people that are there for me always.  Trust that working out and eating healthy will eventually pay off.  Trust that God will reveal himself whichever days he pleases through my devos, and any second in my daily life.  
Trust God to give me someone to love on His time.  Not mine.  That's the one that get's the hardest for me. 

Moving on.  Sometimes it's hard to make everyone happy.  And you know., we all mess up a time or two.  A time or two a day.  Or a time or two an hour.  (Those are what we call. . not the greatest days).   Anyway.  It stinks sometimes.  How do you spread out your valuable time the most appropriate way?  If you make the wrong choice, it's not like you get it back later.  I've 'wasted' a huge amount of time on relationships that are over.  Friends and boyfriends included.  But.  Thinking of it I still wouldn't take it back.  It's all part of learning lessons.  So that we mess up a little less next time.  

I'm going through Galatians right now, and I think this is my favorite so far:
"Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us." -3:13.

And I think that's all I have for now.   

P.S. I'm the most excited for my best friend date on Wednesday.  

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thoughts At Borders.

Right now, I am sitting on a couch in my newly rearranged room.  See.  The thing is, Nikweeta is back.  She is back, she is here, and she is my very own roommate.  I'm sitting in what Jordan calls our Borders, equipped with books on one dresser, and our very own coffee bar on the next.  Well supplied with a variety of coffee, the cutest mugs (set in pairs of course), and none other than Mr. Coffee himself, making delicious coffee for people around everywhere. 

Another wonderful thing is that I'm listening to the Desert Song.  Which happens to be so great.  If you haven't heard it, I suggest you look it up; and if you have heard it, I suggest you listen to it again right about now.  I know I'm filled to be emptied again, the seed I've received I will sow.  
Also.  Here's a thought.  Some words people just have trouble with.  Like 'since' and 'sense' or 'affect' and 'effect'.  Another set, I'd say, is 'dessert' and 'desert'.  'Dessert', like, the delicious food we eat, has two 's's, because you always want to go back for more., where 'desert', like sand and a cactus, just has one 's'.  So if anyone ever needs help, you could give them that little reminder.  

Also wonderful was my jog/run this morning.  Shoot.  I tell ya.  It was about time for that.  There was so much snow at home that I really couldn't.  Here though, the weather is just about perfect for jogging with Starfield.  So that was grand.  Favorite song of the day:  Something to Say by Starfield.  Yes. 

Let's see.  Plans for the rest of the day:  Sew the curtain into one that is workable for our window.  Make something deliciously healthy for supper.  Hang with Shayler.  Most Importantly: Watch Biggest Loser with Nikweeta and Shayla!  Then, play games hopefully with Niqui, Jordan, Matt, Shaina, Blake, Em, and Shayla.. and miscellaneous others.  

Yep.  That sounds about brilliant.  What another great day.  


  • The Lion used in the original MGM movie logo killed its trainer and two assistants the day after the logo was filmed.  Now that. Is just crazy.  
  • I'm in love with this little coffee bar in our room.  In love. 
  • The striped mittenfish, a deepwater species recently discovered in the Java Sea, can change its sex at will by turning its entire body inside out.  Now.  I don't know about you, but I think that is both amazing and gross.
  • I am way more than ready to enjoy an espresso with Julie.
  • P.S.  Michael, sorry about the background change.  I just had to.