Saturday, January 15, 2011


Right now I'm in a 'blah' mood.  And I never have a real good reason to be.  But I am. 
I think today it's loneliness.  Which is dumb, because I have friends who love me.  But it's one of those days where everyone else seems happier than me.  Friends have other people to spend their time with, and ex-boyfriends seem to fall in love with other girls more easily today.  I look worse in the mirror on days like today.  And I get a bit more homesick on days like today.  Day's like 'Blah'. 

But I have to remember that I'm drinking delicious Chocolate Truffle coffee from my Christmas gift [Mr. Coffee].  And my abs hurt, but it's that good kind of I-may-be-getting-stronger-hurt.  And the Packers are playing tonight.  And they're gonna win.  And I get to watch it with some pretty cool people.  And Shayla reminded me how much she loves me.  She said: 
...and i love that you love me. if I'm grateful for anyone's love it's yours. I mean that. You're a much bigger blessing than you know. And reminders like that are lovely on days like today. And I'm about to leave to go paint with some pretty grand people. So days like today turn out okay after all.

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