Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Simply Grand.

I thought a bit of blogging was in store before bed tonight.  So.  Alas.  Here it is. 

Today was a grand day.  I feel like I over use the word 'grand', but I really don't have other words at this time of day.  I worked this morning, then made a pretty delicious lunch.  After that Jordan, Nikweeta and I went to the annex.  And I must say I had a pretty killer work out.  Then I cut Nikweeta's hair.  Then Jordan's.  Then we ate spaghetti.  Then Steph came over and we crafted and watched Grey's. 

So.  There really isn't anything specific.  No deep thoughts or miracles.  Just a simply grand day.  And I'm all for acknowledging the simplest of things in life.  

I love my friends.  I love my blessings.  I love this day. 


  • Nikweeta showed me some videos from the Dominican today.  Presh. 
  • School starts in two days.  Technically tomorrow.  Whaat? 
  • I love Sharpies.  And iced coffee.  

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