Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Best Ships Of All Ships.

Well. I've not visited this page in years.  My apologies.
Perhaps it's because I've been too busy to think. But mostly it's because I've been too busy to gather any thoughts.  Because I have too many of them.  And not enough time to organize them.

But I have gathered a few opinions on some things.  And that's what I'm here to share.  

What I've really been realizing., especially for me., is that I think we're all worried about being expendable. [considered to be not worth keeping or maintaining.]  Anyways. I hate to be the one to admit it., but it's a thing I've begun to wonder about.  I've always had confidence in most things.  Most friendships.  But there are some that make me wonder.  People who say they'll never leave.  After a while, we start to wonder if they will.  Because the other's have.  And although they've done nothing to prove that we will be expended, they've also done nothing to prove that we won't be.  So. I guess it's one of those things that we just won't know.  Which really is kind of a crappy situation. Because are we fully confiding in our friendships if we're holding back because we're worried we'll be expended? And. I guess that's all up to how you choose to live in your friendships.  I usually choose to believe I won't be expended.  And if I am., I suppose life goes on.  
But I've learned a lot about friendship this summer.  How some people will just be there for you. And some people won't.  And some people would use you.  And some just never would.  And some people will never get along.  And some people just 'click'.  And usually those are the ones that will always stick around.  And sometimes we're stupid and we do things to lose the ones we've clicked with.  Hopefully only temporarily.  But either way., life just has to go on and we've got to learn to keep the good ones.  Because sulking hardly helps much. (Maybe sometimes just a little bit). 

Another wonder I've noticed is the value of quality time. Especially when it comes to my dad.  Even if I'm just sitting next to him pretending I like to watch the news., he's just grateful that I'm there.  Because even if he doesn't want to talk to me about the stresses of the day., at least he knows I'm there.  And that brings comfort to a person.  And I get that from him.  I'm quite fond of just sitting and doing nothing with people I enjoy.  I think it's a lost art.  

And. I think that's all the contemplation I've got to offer for the day.  

P.S. Fun fact: 'Hypocrisy' comes from masked actors back in the day when they used to wear two masks for two different parts.  Hmm.  Two-faced?  

P.P.S. Happy Birthday. I miss you.