Thursday, July 21, 2011

People Watching Watching People.

Today was quite the uneventful eventful day.  It started off late, because I slept in til noon.  And although that part was glorious, I really need to stop wasting my mornings.  Anyways. Then I watched So You Think You Can Dance on Hulu for probably about 4 hours.  Which was amazing.  I love that show.

Anyways. Tonight at work, I was just intrigued by people.  There was a nice chunk of time where I was working the front register, so I got to see all types of people. 
There was one young couple.  High-schoolers.  Gorgeous couple.  Real cute too.  She wanted a plain waffle bowl and he wanted a dipped.  And they had this cute little argument about which one was the 'normal' one.  She says to me "Just tell him I'm right."  And I say "The girl is always right."  Even though I don't really think that.  They just seemed like a couple that would laugh at that.  And they did.  So, success. 
There was another couple. Not so much adorable.  Older guy.  Younger asain girl. Wayyyy too touchy feely.  That's really all I have to say about them.  He was probably her sugar daddy.  But seriously.  Get a room.
Then there was a grandpa with two adorable little girls. They were probably like 3 years old.  And they took forever to decide.  But I didn't really care.  Because they were far too adorable. 
It was interesting too because the 'classes' seemed to keep switching.  Now, I know that means I'm stereotyping., and I'm okay with that.  But there would be this cute adorable couple that smelt like farm and probably only goes to get DQ after a really hard day of work.  Then there's that old man who comes in to get three sundaes with a hundred dollar bill.  Just all different kinds of people.  But that's what I like about the world. 
Last was my favorite.  There's a knock at the drive thru window and I turn around to see a bunch of people standing out there.  And by a bunch, I mean 7.  They were all wearing these navy blue polos with different names embroidered on them.  Like Kevin and Kody and Travis.  The big boys all got large blizzards.  Which are huge, by the way.  And mom and the little one got large sundaes.  But that's all irrelevant.  What matters is that they were adorable, and they made my night.  And they went walking through the drive through because they couldn't fit their trailer through.  And when I asked if they needed extra napkins, Kevin says "Nah, I got my shirt.", and walks away with a smile.  Far too adorable. 

And now, it's 2 in the morning.  And I am staying up way too late once again. 
So, I bid you goodnight.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I'm feeling awfully random today.  So here goes nothin. 

I'm at the coffee shop right now.  And last time they forgot about my drink so I got a free one this time, so I decided to splurge and get a blended Turtle Latte.  Sounds delicious, right?  Wrong.  Way too much nut syrup or whatever it is that they put in there.  Hazelnut? Amaretto? I don't care but it tastes like crap.  I'm drinking it anyways though.  Of course.  Next time I'm going back to the Green Mango tea.  Lesson learned. 

I have a couple of goals.  These are them.  Short term: Have Daddio re-teach me how to play cribbage before I head back to school.  Medium term: Be super stellar at playing bar chords on the guitar by Christmas.  And by super stellar, I mean decently good.  Long term: Well. I guess go visit Colorado.  Or just fall in love and have a family full of love.  

I like Mac N Cheese better when it's leftover.  Which I packed for supper tonight while I'm working.  Speaking of work.  Back to DQ tonight.  Hopefully I'm not too rusty.  

I hardly have time to explain because i have to head to work. But. Last night I had a long overdue talk with my friend, Michael.  I appreciate him bunches and there's not too much we don't talk about.  Anyways.  He seems to know everything about what guys and girls feel in relationships, but, I beg to differ sometimes.  It's convenient because he gives me a lot of insight on what guys could feel sometimes.  But.  He said that guys are never oblivious to how a girl might feel about then.  He says they at least always think about it.  And I disagree.  Because I think guys are oblivious sometimes.  That's all. 

Right now, I wish I were sitting with Steph, watching Easy A, making grilled cheese, and then painting nails.  

Ta ta.     

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grilled Cheese Theory.

Right now, I'm watching The Voice on Hulu.  And I must say.  I love Javier Colon.  If you haven't heard him, you should probaby look him up because he sings like an angel. 

In other news, I'm hungry.  And I think I want a grilled cheese, but I'm not really sure.  Last night I wanted grilled cheese.  But Steph told me I couldn't because it was 3am, and I needed to go to bed and would have to wait until breakfast.  So now I'm confused because I don't know if I actually want a grilled cheese because I want one., of if I just want one because I wanted one last night. 
That reminds me of a theory I developed once.  So. Sometimes people have crushes on people.  So every day it's like., 'Oh, I have a crush on ____".  And that's just what you keep thinking everyday.  But what if, in the process of telling yourself this everyday, you've gradually stopped liking that person?  Except you don't really realize it because you've been telling yourself that you still like them again and again.  So, I suppose that means that we don't always truly know if we really want something, or if we just think we want it.

Mmk.  Well I'm about to either go make a grilled cheese, or find something else to eat. 

  • I watched Space Jam for the first time in my life last week.  Life changer.  Seriously.  I love MJ.
  • I go back to school in like, two and a half weeks!  Cracy.
  • I miss Blakeley and Nikweeta and Shayla and Ems a bunch right now.

Want To. Need To.

Right now, All I want to do is play guitar. 
What I need to do is my summer school homework.
I also want to watch hulu.  But I need to unpack all my Durley stuff. 
So.  This is my comprimise: I am going to do homework while watching hulu.  And when and if that gets over, I will play some guitar and then unpack.  And then do something with my mama. 

Speaking of unpacking, I've been home from Durley for two days.  And let me tell you, it's pretty wierd not waking up to a staff devo with my Durley family, and not having late night talks and staff hugs.  Durley just has the awesome environment that makes people bond like no other.  Words really can't even describe how much I love them.  What's the best is that most of them are going to school with me in the fall, so seeing them will be a quite often occurence :)
Here's my lil shout out to them all:

Kitty Kat: I'm so pumped to play guitar with you next year. And have some real conversations :) Woop Woop!
Jamie: You, my love, are awesome.  Friend crush: fullfilled. Life stories: soon to come.
Rachel Dee: You are the perfect, loving, assistant director.
Benny boo: Thanks for being you and loving God.  Seriously, you really do got it, baby! Can't wait to jam out to some rap with you soon!
Josh Dees: Getting to know you better is truly a blessing.  Thanks for being real with me and loving me despite my sassiness.
Britany: You have the sweetest voice and the sweetest hugs.
Pooks: No one else in the world would drive me to Wisconsin and back as many times as you have.  Thanks for truly showing me love in the most honest way anyone ever has. 

In other news,
I do love home.  I've missed my family and Michael and Jonathan and Carly.  And I'll be working at DQ for a couple of weeks, so it'll be nice to have that family back.
Life is crazy. Pretty much tomorrow I have to pack and head back.

Aye. Yi. Yiiiiy.