Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grilled Cheese Theory.

Right now, I'm watching The Voice on Hulu.  And I must say.  I love Javier Colon.  If you haven't heard him, you should probaby look him up because he sings like an angel. 

In other news, I'm hungry.  And I think I want a grilled cheese, but I'm not really sure.  Last night I wanted grilled cheese.  But Steph told me I couldn't because it was 3am, and I needed to go to bed and would have to wait until breakfast.  So now I'm confused because I don't know if I actually want a grilled cheese because I want one., of if I just want one because I wanted one last night. 
That reminds me of a theory I developed once.  So. Sometimes people have crushes on people.  So every day it's like., 'Oh, I have a crush on ____".  And that's just what you keep thinking everyday.  But what if, in the process of telling yourself this everyday, you've gradually stopped liking that person?  Except you don't really realize it because you've been telling yourself that you still like them again and again.  So, I suppose that means that we don't always truly know if we really want something, or if we just think we want it.

Mmk.  Well I'm about to either go make a grilled cheese, or find something else to eat. 

  • I watched Space Jam for the first time in my life last week.  Life changer.  Seriously.  I love MJ.
  • I go back to school in like, two and a half weeks!  Cracy.
  • I miss Blakeley and Nikweeta and Shayla and Ems a bunch right now.

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