Thursday, July 21, 2011

People Watching Watching People.

Today was quite the uneventful eventful day.  It started off late, because I slept in til noon.  And although that part was glorious, I really need to stop wasting my mornings.  Anyways. Then I watched So You Think You Can Dance on Hulu for probably about 4 hours.  Which was amazing.  I love that show.

Anyways. Tonight at work, I was just intrigued by people.  There was a nice chunk of time where I was working the front register, so I got to see all types of people. 
There was one young couple.  High-schoolers.  Gorgeous couple.  Real cute too.  She wanted a plain waffle bowl and he wanted a dipped.  And they had this cute little argument about which one was the 'normal' one.  She says to me "Just tell him I'm right."  And I say "The girl is always right."  Even though I don't really think that.  They just seemed like a couple that would laugh at that.  And they did.  So, success. 
There was another couple. Not so much adorable.  Older guy.  Younger asain girl. Wayyyy too touchy feely.  That's really all I have to say about them.  He was probably her sugar daddy.  But seriously.  Get a room.
Then there was a grandpa with two adorable little girls. They were probably like 3 years old.  And they took forever to decide.  But I didn't really care.  Because they were far too adorable. 
It was interesting too because the 'classes' seemed to keep switching.  Now, I know that means I'm stereotyping., and I'm okay with that.  But there would be this cute adorable couple that smelt like farm and probably only goes to get DQ after a really hard day of work.  Then there's that old man who comes in to get three sundaes with a hundred dollar bill.  Just all different kinds of people.  But that's what I like about the world. 
Last was my favorite.  There's a knock at the drive thru window and I turn around to see a bunch of people standing out there.  And by a bunch, I mean 7.  They were all wearing these navy blue polos with different names embroidered on them.  Like Kevin and Kody and Travis.  The big boys all got large blizzards.  Which are huge, by the way.  And mom and the little one got large sundaes.  But that's all irrelevant.  What matters is that they were adorable, and they made my night.  And they went walking through the drive through because they couldn't fit their trailer through.  And when I asked if they needed extra napkins, Kevin says "Nah, I got my shirt.", and walks away with a smile.  Far too adorable. 

And now, it's 2 in the morning.  And I am staying up way too late once again. 
So, I bid you goodnight.

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  1. I love this blog entry. Also, I like your background. I think its about time for my blog to get a makeover...
    Miss ju