Friday, July 26, 2013

I Want To Go To Texas.

So I skyped my friend Shayla ... a while ago. But I'm just now publishing my long lost post about it. But to say the least, it was far overdue. I cannot think if anything but love when it comes to her. Love and hilarity. That just about sums her up. I save all her voicemails because she has the most delicate way of making me laugh. I'm not even sure that she knows it. She's sang me so many songs about being stuck in traffic that I could make a CD. And it would sound beautiful, by the way. Because she say the most amazing voice. Now. Before I mention that she likes long walks on the beach., I'll cut to the chase.
Every time we talk she says something profound. Again, I know she doesn't realize it.  Because she's so accustomed to her own thinking.  But I realize it. Because it's wonderful. 
Anyways. I asked her if she thought that people were afraid of letting good things happen to them sometimes. Because that's the only logical explanation for some things in life. And she agreed so I asked her why.
And she said that society has made life such a constant struggle. We always seem to need something to complain about. If it's not school, then it's your job. If it's not your job then its a relationship. 
It's almost an ego thing for us to be 'conquering' some sort if struggle. Winning in some sort of battle.
Anyways. I think it's a theme. And I'm not saying it's a horrible thing. I'm sure it's therapeutic to talk about our struggles. Figure them out by getting advice and processing it all outloud ourselves. But I just hope it doesn't keep people from letting good happen to them. I think some people are afraid of that. I think I'm afraid of that sometimes. As much as that doesn't make sense. I almost feel guilty if good happens to me. Like I don't deserve it because good just doesn't happen to everybody.  
Anyways.  I'll leave you with my thoughts. I'm getting awfully rambly here. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Ginja.

I had the day off today. And it was surely wonderful. It seems like my days off are never usually used to their full potential.  Meaning I'm never as lazy as I want to be. Or productive. . If that's what I choose to be that day.
But I'd say today was at least a 9. I had an interview this morning.  Just a little tiny one. Nothing life changing as of now.  But I'm excited about the possibility. But we try to never get too hopeful until getting hopeful is due.
Then McKenzie met me for my hair appointment.  Because, being the best friend that she is ., she couldn't miss something like that. So she helped me pick my hair color and I finally colored my hair for once in my life. I was just ready for a switch up. 24 years with basically the same hair color just gets to be old after a while.
Then we thought about leaving town for the day., but being piles sounded far more appealing to us. So we rented a movie and painted our nails. And it was fantastic.

And since you're most likely not satisfied with just a play by play of my day... I'll give some not so profound wisdom:
Good friends are hard to come by. And I'm realizing even more so as I'm getting super sad for McKenzie to leave for school. That girls gonna do big and great things with her life. I'm just gonna miss her while she's off doing them. Only a best friend watches movies alone on your couch all day because she doesn't want you to puke and sleep all day by your lonesome. Only a best friend will surprise you after work to go for a walk when she knows you've had one hell of a day. Only a best friend will call you out honestly on any mistakes she thinks you need to know.  Only a best friend knows exactly what drink you want at the exact time you want it (Starbucks included). Because hanging out with someone 24/7 gets pretty awesomely predictable. Only a best friend can gives you one look that makes you burst out laughing.  Or start crying (in a lot of our cases). I could go on and on. But she already knows. So I'll stop this sentimental stuff.
Love you Kenz. :)


Basket Case.

Well. I thought about revamping my blog and jumping ship from blogspot.  But as it turns out, I just can’t do it.  So here I’ll stay. The thing is., I’ve been really horrible at transferring my thoughts to something more permanent than a simple wander in my brain.  So I’ll try and work on that.

Here's a little Bachelorette wisdom for the day.
"Life doesn't change, but people do.  So learn to accept that not everyone is who you thought you knew." Says Mikey T. And you know, I kind of like that quote.  I'm not one for cliches but I think that has a lot of truth.  I think you could argue that life changes.. but it stays the same in the fact that something is always growing or developing.  But I think the things that are always changing or developing have to do with the fact that people are changing.  And sometimes people actually change.. but sometimes you realize that people simply weren't who you thought they were.  But sometimes people surprise us for the better.  Anyways.  Nuf a that.

In other news, I think I'm addicted to reality T.V.  And by that I mean.. I know I am.  And I know that reality T.V. isn't reality at all.  I know no woman dates 25 men at one time and I know it's impossible to exercise all day long with Bob Harper.  But oh is it fun to watch.  Drama that's not my own is drama I can take.  I'm embarrassed to admit it.. but tonight I'm wasting all my brain cells watching Temptation Island that aired in 2001. Man is it terrible. And terribly addicting.  4 couples go to this island where there are other single men and single women.  Then the couples split up and they're basically free to mingle for two weeks and then they regather and see who still loves each other.  Pretty awful if you ask me.  But it is really interesting to see how these relationships are all so different.  It's just like people watching I suppose.  Maybe that's why I love it.  But I certainly don't know why these couples would subject themselves to this kind of thing.  And man have the styles changed since 2001.

For old times sake I'll wrap this up NikweetaMegs best-worst style.
Best: Sleeping in until 10:30.
Worst: Sleeping in until 10:30.
And for the person of the day, I'm reaching back into yesterday.  There was this guy sitting in the Menards parking lot in a jeep looking vehicle rocking out to "DO YOU HAVE THE TIME.. TO LISTEN TO ME WHINE?!.." at the top of his lungs with his windows down.  Nothing like a free spirit jamming to Green Day to make your day.