Friday, July 26, 2013

I Want To Go To Texas.

So I skyped my friend Shayla ... a while ago. But I'm just now publishing my long lost post about it. But to say the least, it was far overdue. I cannot think if anything but love when it comes to her. Love and hilarity. That just about sums her up. I save all her voicemails because she has the most delicate way of making me laugh. I'm not even sure that she knows it. She's sang me so many songs about being stuck in traffic that I could make a CD. And it would sound beautiful, by the way. Because she say the most amazing voice. Now. Before I mention that she likes long walks on the beach., I'll cut to the chase.
Every time we talk she says something profound. Again, I know she doesn't realize it.  Because she's so accustomed to her own thinking.  But I realize it. Because it's wonderful. 
Anyways. I asked her if she thought that people were afraid of letting good things happen to them sometimes. Because that's the only logical explanation for some things in life. And she agreed so I asked her why.
And she said that society has made life such a constant struggle. We always seem to need something to complain about. If it's not school, then it's your job. If it's not your job then its a relationship. 
It's almost an ego thing for us to be 'conquering' some sort if struggle. Winning in some sort of battle.
Anyways. I think it's a theme. And I'm not saying it's a horrible thing. I'm sure it's therapeutic to talk about our struggles. Figure them out by getting advice and processing it all outloud ourselves. But I just hope it doesn't keep people from letting good happen to them. I think some people are afraid of that. I think I'm afraid of that sometimes. As much as that doesn't make sense. I almost feel guilty if good happens to me. Like I don't deserve it because good just doesn't happen to everybody.  
Anyways.  I'll leave you with my thoughts. I'm getting awfully rambly here. 

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