Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Ginja.

I had the day off today. And it was surely wonderful. It seems like my days off are never usually used to their full potential.  Meaning I'm never as lazy as I want to be. Or productive. . If that's what I choose to be that day.
But I'd say today was at least a 9. I had an interview this morning.  Just a little tiny one. Nothing life changing as of now.  But I'm excited about the possibility. But we try to never get too hopeful until getting hopeful is due.
Then McKenzie met me for my hair appointment.  Because, being the best friend that she is ., she couldn't miss something like that. So she helped me pick my hair color and I finally colored my hair for once in my life. I was just ready for a switch up. 24 years with basically the same hair color just gets to be old after a while.
Then we thought about leaving town for the day., but being piles sounded far more appealing to us. So we rented a movie and painted our nails. And it was fantastic.

And since you're most likely not satisfied with just a play by play of my day... I'll give some not so profound wisdom:
Good friends are hard to come by. And I'm realizing even more so as I'm getting super sad for McKenzie to leave for school. That girls gonna do big and great things with her life. I'm just gonna miss her while she's off doing them. Only a best friend watches movies alone on your couch all day because she doesn't want you to puke and sleep all day by your lonesome. Only a best friend will surprise you after work to go for a walk when she knows you've had one hell of a day. Only a best friend will call you out honestly on any mistakes she thinks you need to know.  Only a best friend knows exactly what drink you want at the exact time you want it (Starbucks included). Because hanging out with someone 24/7 gets pretty awesomely predictable. Only a best friend can gives you one look that makes you burst out laughing.  Or start crying (in a lot of our cases). I could go on and on. But she already knows. So I'll stop this sentimental stuff.
Love you Kenz. :)


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  1. Love you too Megan! Thanks for making me cry! You know I don`t want to go....but you`re gonna do big things in your life too, even if you don`t know it or believe it yet.