Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tired and Worn Out.

You know what they say:  Sleep does the body good. 

So when you don't get that sleep, it's not too difficult to figure out what happens.  And that would be., lack of sleep.  It turns out that I have a lot to do all the time and the thing that gets sacrificed is sleep.  I was just getting my schedule down with my hours and hours of math homework and then this week I added field experience and some calc tutoring to the mix.  Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about it all., I just need some time to get adjusted and get my management skills down.  We'll see if it's possible.

In brighter news. . I got to go for a bike ride today.  It was so wonderful to get off of campus and enjoy the fresh air.  I biked 5.79 miles to be exact.  It was glorious.  I think I'm gonna start calling my Wednesdays my 'Daddy days'.  I'll go for a bike ride, call my daddy, and watch Survivor.  Yep.  I think I just made that a plan.  

This weekend is going to be a weekend for the books.  Friday will be some sort of hanging out with Shaina followed by a roomie movie date with Sarah.  Saturday will be the most wonderful brunch with Kat, Seth, and Scott.  And we'll be watching Disney movies all day.  Then we have Sunday which is a cookout day with my Bro (Seth) and his houses.  Talk about a grand time.  

And that's all I have to say for today.  Time to finish my episode of Biggest Loser and get some shut eye.

Goodnight moon. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Roommates Find Your Glasses When You Can't See.

I think it's fair to say that most of the world has had roommates.  Whether it be parents, dogs, siblings, cabin-mates,or the most common college roomie., we've all been there.  But when it comes to college, 'roommate' takes on a different meaning.  In a lot of cases, we end up living (or surviving) with a complete stranger for an entire year.  But in some lucky cases, we get to love those we live with and they become our family.  

Imagine a case where you live with someone who is incredibly messy, and you're not.  Sure you can split the room in half but what if she stinks?  What if she comes home at 3 in the morning or calls you all the time when she's locked out?  What if she leaves the lights on too bright and what if she wakes you up two hours before you need to be awake every day?  That sounds like a long year. 

But let me tell you about my roommate.  Right now, at this very moment, she is laying on her bed with a blanket.  She's in one of those moods where she thinks she's tired enough to take a nap, but really she's way too over tired which means she's hilarious.  She sings at the top of her lungs as I play Josh Radin and she giggles at Zach as he vacuums (which isn't commonly funny).  And that is why I love her.  Also, this morning when I woke up and reached for my glasses, they landed behind my bed.  Let's just say... I'm kind of blind and definitely wasn't going to attempt to find them.  That would be a sight.  But she finds them for me when I can't.  She's the equal amount of messy as me which is quite tidy.  She loves me at all times and she doesn't mind that I'm a math geek.  We share Cream of Wheat and she lets me drink her milk when I'm too irresponsible to buy more.  What I'm trying to say is that she loves me a lot, and we're kind of perfect.    

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Simply Happy Day.

Today is a good day. Besides the obvious wonderfulness that I got to use my new yellow toothbrush and a new tube of toothpaste, this day is just good. Shaina slept over on the pull out couch so we got to make breakfast this morning. Egglish muffins. Also I enjoyed a cup of coffee since I did so well at not drinking it yesterday. Then we had RC class. Meh. Then chemistry lab. Meh. But ...Richard is the best lab partner ever. Then lunch, and ice cream for dessert that i will not feel guilty about, because it was delish. Now at this moment, I am facebook chatting with Nikweeta. And to make matters better 'I Don't Wanna Spend One More Christmas Without You' by N'Sync just came on shuffle. I don't have rules about not listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving and I can also say that I don't mind a good boy band song here and there. Nikweeta reminded me that life is about healing processes and letting God calm you through it all. Sometimes I just need to keep that in perspective. And it's in perspective today. Even more great things: I'm gonna work on homework with the wonderful Katelyn and I'm gonna go for an evening run. Better yet, Glee and Biggest Loser both start tonight. Oh Happy Day.

"I love it here, like a lot, a lot, but life just isnt the same without those you know and love and who know and love you you know?" -my favorite Nikweeta

Monday, September 20, 2010

We Go Together Like PB and J.

Sharpie Mugs. This coming Sunday night we are having an event where we decorate mugs with sharpies. This is the one that I did to practice. My quote is :These days all he could say for sure was that he was ordinary in a world that loved the extraordinary by Nicholas Sparks., because I love that quote. Then I put zebra stripes on it. The elephant is ordinary and the zebra stripes are extraordinary, of course. Get it?

I got the warmest bestest facebook message from Nikweeta. I miss her incredibly but like she said, it's a good thing we're both so good at messaging and talking that way because that's how it is while she's in that other country that isn't here. All the better it will be when I hug her next I guess. But really. She always has a way of making me grab for my heart and smile and thank God for putting her in my life. I love her. Forever.

Today on my agenda is: a good workout, planning Bible study, making fruit pizza, eating supper, getting help with Differential Equations, doing Bible study, eating fruit pizza, and working on my Chem Lab report., mixed with other things that will come up I'm sure. What a day. Again.


  • My favorite kids book is 'Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day'.
  • There are as many fake doctors practicing in India as real ones. Scary.
  • Giraffes' hearts are 2 feet tall. My pastor told me that. I'm guessing it's real.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Last night I went home with my Calc buddy, Katelyn. The most important thing was that her family is an amazing blessing to everyone that will ever cross paths with them. So much love to give and so willing to give it. The other important things are Cracker Barrell, Starbucks, and her friend Rachel., who is hilarious and gags at the word 'Congrats'. We sat on her dock by the lake talking about girlie things where I found out that 'I'm that girl.' Oh yes. Small world we have.
Tonight will continue to complete my grand weekend. I'm going somewhere with Blake and Ems., and does it really matter where after you know who's going? Probably not.
Sooner than later I must complete my Multivariable Calculus and Differential Equations homework. But., ... maybe later.

Random facts:
  • The average American two-car garage is 25 percent bigger than the average Tokya home. Are we selfish or what?
  • I decorated a mug with a Sharpie last night. It was fun.
  • I miss my Nikweeta.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Cup Half Full.

Lately I have become more aware of my fondness of coffee. I'm somewhat unsure of what to think of this fondness. I guess it's been a long time coming. I've slowly been growing closer to loving the warmness and comfort of a good cup of coffee mixed with the right kind of creamer and the perfect amount of sugar. I still don't think it's the caffeine that I'm addicted to., but then again., who am I to decide that? The overall wonderfulness of coffee is what keeps me coming back for more. The only thing that keeps me from it is the fact that I don't want to stain my teeth. I like white teeth. Not yellow and definitely not brown. But that's the only thing. So if I can find a way to keep pearly whites and drink coffee, that I will do. But until then I will attempt to limit it to less than a cup a day. Which will be quite a journey. But I'm still going to Starbucks tonight.