Monday, September 20, 2010

We Go Together Like PB and J.

Sharpie Mugs. This coming Sunday night we are having an event where we decorate mugs with sharpies. This is the one that I did to practice. My quote is :These days all he could say for sure was that he was ordinary in a world that loved the extraordinary by Nicholas Sparks., because I love that quote. Then I put zebra stripes on it. The elephant is ordinary and the zebra stripes are extraordinary, of course. Get it?

I got the warmest bestest facebook message from Nikweeta. I miss her incredibly but like she said, it's a good thing we're both so good at messaging and talking that way because that's how it is while she's in that other country that isn't here. All the better it will be when I hug her next I guess. But really. She always has a way of making me grab for my heart and smile and thank God for putting her in my life. I love her. Forever.

Today on my agenda is: a good workout, planning Bible study, making fruit pizza, eating supper, getting help with Differential Equations, doing Bible study, eating fruit pizza, and working on my Chem Lab report., mixed with other things that will come up I'm sure. What a day. Again.


  • My favorite kids book is 'Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day'.
  • There are as many fake doctors practicing in India as real ones. Scary.
  • Giraffes' hearts are 2 feet tall. My pastor told me that. I'm guessing it's real.

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