Monday, January 17, 2011

Will You Accept This Rose?

It's been brought to my attention [again] why I don't own much white clothing.  You see, last night, I was wearing a white V-neck, and got green frosting on it.  Then today, I'm sitting on my couch drinking coffee and carelessly chatting on facebook, when I spill coffee on the side of my white tank top.  And that is why I don't own white things.  Because in the past. . month, I've probably only worn white today and yesterday.  And well, you see what happened.  But at least it's laundry day and Shout works miracles. 

Right now I'm sitting at Julie's eating Dark Chocolate covered Pomegranate pieces and watching the Bachelor.  All delicious.  The girls on this show are so dumb.  And filled with drama.  You know, the Bachelor has such an interesting concept.  When is it ever okay to date 25 girls at once?  Never.  Ha.  But on this show, people root for it. 

Had a New Orleans meeting today.  Gosh am I excited.  I'll probably talk about it at least every third blog.  Today was our first official meeting.  We had to pick and object from the table that we felt represented us.  I picked the calculator because well., I like math and I'm a nerd.  Rachel took the candle, because we are called to be the light of the world.  Julie took the chicken, because it was closest to her and she eats chicken.  Matt took the soccer ball because he enjoys playing sports.  Britney, the Starbucks card because she's a coffee addict.  The other Britney took crayons because she likes to color.  Scott took the passport because he likes to travel, and Josh took the shoe because he's a runner.  So.  That was most of my group, they're all grand thus far.  I think there's only like... 7 weeks until we go. Whoa!  


  • The face of Uncle Sam was modeled after a door-to-door salesman from Canada.  . . Interesting. 
  • Tomorrow is a roojmie date with Nikweeta.  I am sooo excited.  Despicable Me and some sort of supper along with crafts.  Fun. Filled.
  • Improv show tonight. Woot. woot!   

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  1. i would accept a rose, ha...but that only happened once in my life and it was i probably wouldn't accept it...shoot..story some point, just ask me, ha. I am also a queen of spilling whether im wearing white or not. i really wish i could go to N.O. with ya'll... you will have a FABULOUS time. I sure did when I went even though i had my eyes on something else while i was there :) but def good memories. Im excited for you!