Saturday, January 29, 2011


On occasion, being far away from home can cause a girl to feel a little bit homesick.  And for the most part, I'm okay.  Some days I miss my dad.  Some days I miss my mom.  Some days I miss my dogs.  Actually, all those things happen on more of a regular basis.  But with my sister, it's a little bit different.  It's more of like, just this constant state of missing.  And sometimes it turns into an overwhelming sense of missing whenever I text her or get off the phone with her.
The thing is, that I just love her so much.  And I wish I still lived by her.  And a huge part of me wishes I wouldn't have wasted all of those high school years arguing over why it was okay for me to steal the last tee-shirt I borrowed.
But somewhere after that we grew up and became wonderfully close.
And I just wish I saw her more than once or twice a year.
So, if you have a sibling close, hang out with them.  And don't forget that they're there.
Jenna Lynn, I love you.  And cannot wait to hug you next.
P.S. Go Pack!

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  1. :) This makes me want a sister. This doesn't really happen with brothers too much,ha. I mean, sure I miss them, but not at such a deep level if that makes sense. I mean, from their side, I'm sure they miss me a lot more :) ha.