Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't Forget To Smile.

It's the second official day of classes.  And my day went like this. 
I slept in until ten.  Grand.  Then Blake came over and we went to our first ever class together in the history of the world: New Testament Survey.  Then I ran back to my house to grab an orange before Non-Euclidean Geometry and History. Then I came back to eat lunch, and then I was off to Linear Algebra.  Now, as far as my classes go, I think it'll be alright.  Non-Euclidean should be interesting and informative.  I think it'll be interesting to learn about where math comes from and why we have theories for the things we do.  Call me a nerd.  And.. Linear seems like it might be okay, but it'll take a week or so to see.  I sure am back to the homework though.  "Tonight should be just a little chunk, so not too bad.  No more over 6 to 8 hours."  Okay Dr. Peters.  Thanks.  But, despite the homework, he is the grandest professor. 

Then I went for a jog.  And as I was jogging, I passed a cute old man slowly walking with a walker.  I said hi and smiled, and he gave me back a toothless smile.  It was as if he didn't quite comprehend my 'hello', but he completely understood my smile.  And I was reminded that smiling is, in fact, the same in all languages.  Soon after a little chihuahua in a red sweater tried to out-run me.  Yea. . Good luck little man.  

And now here I sit with my celery and Natural Creamy Jif Peanut Butter.  I guess I'm a choosy mom.  
Now it's time to knock out some Linear homework.  Then some iced coffee with Nikweeta.  Then Vespers.  Then homework.  And by that time, I'll be more than ready for some sleep.  

"Happiness is in the heart. Not the circumstances."  -Dove chocolate.    

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  1. i ate peanut butter and celery today! Everyone seemed to have a good day today which makes me happy :) btwubu