Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Hope And Expectation Is In Him.

Better late than never. 

Women's Retreat.  February 25 and 26. 
This was last Friday to Saturday.  And let me tell you, was it a refresher.  Everything was great, so here's just a little glimpse. 

The speaker was Kim Meyers.  She's a mom of one of the wonderful girls, and she had some good things to say.  The first night we talked a bit about expectations.  And see, something I don't think too much about is where (mainly who) I put my expectations in.  And I'd be lying if I said I solely put my expectation in God.  So it's no wonder we get let down.  
So what can we expect from God?  We can expect the truth.  Because God's word speaks truth.  We can expect unconditional love because no one can ever love us like He can.  Nor can we imagine the level on 'unconditionalness'.  And, we can expect the unexpected.  Because his ways are higher.  Even though we think we've always got the greatest plan.  We don't.  He does.  So, back to the expectation in people part.  That's not fair to whoever we're putting our expectations in.  It doesn't take a person too long to realize that people let you down.  We've all been let down time and time again.  Yet we continue to put our hopes and expectations in people. It's just the way it works.  Not saying it isn't good to have people- it is.  But when you put too much expectation in them, well, that's when things get fuzzy. So.  If you put your expectation in me, I'm flattered.  Honestly.  And, I might even meet your expectations.  But, if you're expectation is in me long enough, I'm 100% guaranteed to let you down.  Because I'm not God.  Let's be honest. 

Also.  I fell in love with Philippians 2:1-11.  Look it up.  So great.  Read it, think about it, and read it twice more.

And that is what's important for now. 


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  1. 10 "that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow in heaven, on earth and under the earth.."

    the part we dont focus on is that every knee UNDER the earth will bow. Thats a powerful statement to say that even those in hell will bow at sound of Jesus' just one word.

    very cool to think about.