Saturday, February 18, 2012

Coffee. Entertainment. 'Homework'. Bestie.

Well. I'm sittin here at Starbucks with the best friend I've ever had.  We had great intentions of doing homework... but our intentions seem to lack follow-through.  Instead of doing homework.. we watched all episodes of Kid History (with a strong emphasis on 5,6, and 7), had a mini photo shoot, ordered drinks, drank drinks, wandered around on facebook, watched some Jimmy Fallon clips, .. and now we're (re)watching the Voice.  This picture showcases our cleverness of each having a earphone from each laptop.  For viewing convenience [switching back and forth while videos load].  At leeeaaassst 5 people have been caught staring at us.  I guess that's what happens when you laugh too loudly and take foolish pictures.  Oh well. No shame.  Plus, who are they to stare?! There's one guy who's pretending to read.. but really just looking around.. and his shirts on inside out... ha. And now.. I'm pretty sure he's on a date with a woman the age of his mother.  
Nothing could be better, really.  With the exception of not having homework to do.  But. I'm not doing it. So. That's pretty much the same thing.  
Anyways.  It's been 5 hours here and not a sign of work.  I think I might think about starting some soon though.  Then it's back to the house to make pad thai for dinner.  Followed by giggles, stories of the last month, SNL, maybe a movie, maybe some nail painting, and.. well, whatever else we decide to do.  
So. This is my signing off. And attempting to do my homework.  

P.S. My bestie is the best. 

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