Friday, April 26, 2013

A Ginja, A Ninja, And An Extra Large Grey T-Shirt.

As counted by my dear friend, Michael, it's been one month and 18 days since my last blog. So.. by demand of one., here I am. 

A few things.  First.,I'm in love with this quote. (Thanks, Caroline, for tweeting it ;)

"I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say." -Flannery O'Connor
Truth is, I find it to be quite true.  Maybe not only with writing, but with talking, too. I've noticed that I'm an outside sort of processor. I don't think that everyone is okay with that type of thing either. I've learned that people either appreciate and enjoy my out loud processing... or they somewhat despise and don't allow or understand it. But I sure do love people who allow me to process out loud. Because. . You see... I'm not really a fan of talking to myself. And I can't journal too much because I have grama-achey wrists. And typing is just fine but it offers no perspective. You see.. talking to people who understand that my ramblings are how I think...that is just the grandest.

Which leads me to my next point. People can make or break your life. If you've read any of my last blogs ., you might have noticed that I've dwelled on the thought of friendship. And working deeper in customer service now I've realized that some people are just straight up assholes. And some people can see the sunshine on the rainiest of days. You just can't let the bad apples ruin you. So thank you Tony, McKenzie, and Hannah. For giving me some of the best in person convos I've had in a while. You deserve a shout out. Whether you're a blog reader or not. Because although I've got fantastic friends in other states.. a girl can get lonely.

 In other news: For a while now I've been a little bit fascinated with definitions. Like the actual dictionary kind. I think definitions get so misconstrued (that means interpreted wrongly ;) as people put their own perspective on things. Kind of like how we used to play telephone when we were in kindergarten. A person can learn a lot from that game, ya know. 

So anyways. This is my life. My friends. And my current favorite word. 

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