Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm new. I don't know how to name blog entries yet.

It's past my bedtime. But really. Who has a bedtime anymore? One week of summer is already past. Summer has definitely been different than I had expected, but expectations are really something that seem to rarely follow through. For all of you '500 Days of Summer' fans- the scene that split with expectations and reality- I think we've all been there.

On a different note, I think it will take me a bit to get a hold of this whole blog thing. I really expect no one to read it and that is just fine with me. Although, readers would be flattering and I will do my best not to dissappoint. But at the same time, I'm doing this because I want to and because I like trying to figure out how to word my thoughts. My thoughts are sometimes interesting, and usually quite ordinary; but they're my thoughts none the less.

A few things about me:
I enjoy being outside and eating green apples. On the contrary, I also enjoy television and brownie batter. I enjoy laughter and I think tears are healthy. I also think that people can make their own happiness. And, bottom line of everything; I think we should all be positive, be loving, love God, and love people. Because really; What Would Jesus Do?

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  1. I'm a reader :) no worries bout expectations, as long as you don't have any for my blog, ha. Also, at this point I was on my way to Kenya. I wish we would have been friends during this time period. I would have read your blog and you could have read mine about my summer in Kenya. Anyways, I like hearing your thoughts...thats all. btw ♥