Monday, September 26, 2011


Last week was one of the crazy busiest weeks of my life.  And although it was a productive type of busy., busy will always be busy.  And slightly stressful.
So.  What got me through last week was the fact the my best friend in the whole entire world came to visit this past weekend.  No one can make me feel better than she can.  No one cares about me quite that much.  No one loves me quite that unconditionally.  No one brings out the real me like she does.  She's just the greatest human I know.  Well., her and my dad.  Anyways.  Seeing her was therapeutic for me.  And now I think I should be happy at least for a straight month.  
So thanks, Beaks.  I miss you already.  

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  1. glad you had a great weekend :) Happiness is contagious..when others are really happy it makes me happy. Hope this next week isn't too crazy busy for you