Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Contemplatively Whelmed.

It's a Colbie Caillat kind of day. Soft and acoustical. 

In other news. I'm slightly contemplative today.  Every once in a while., I have these realizations about myself. Sometimes I like them., other times.. not so much.  This one could be either I guess.  But. I've realized that the commonality between onions, ogres, and myself.. is that we all have layers. People think I'm quiet.  And I suppose I am sometimes. But not if you know me well.  I think that I have certain layers, and certain friends get to certain layers.   It's not that I have any sort of 'system'. I don't really choose who gets to which layer. That just happens. I consider my 'deep layer' friends pretty rare.  Those are my keepers.  But., that aside.. I wonder if I have too many layers.  And maybe they prevent me from opening up quick enough.  And more than that, what if the people that I want to get to the deep layer aren't patient enough? But. I suppose that they'll be as patient as they want. And then if they're patient enough., they'll be a deep layer friend.. . a keeper.  

In more other news.  I went for a little run today.  And I was thinking about this next semester.  My last semester of college.  Shoot dang.  I can't believe it's here.  And, it makes me all a little overwhelmed.  Not overly overwhelmed. But., it's real life.  And I need to job search. And figure out what I actually want to do in real life.  It's funny.  Because I got so comfortable here.  And that's a good thing.  You're supposed to be comfortable and content where you are.  And with friends like mine, how could you not love it here?!.  But. No one stays in college forever.  No one normal anyways.  Not as a student at least.  So. Why is it a surprise to me that it's time to move on? But. I did realize one crucial thing.  And I don't mean to make you sad, but Shayler isn't coming back.  And I realized that Shayla is an essential part of all my Greenville existence.  She understands my rambles, and she laughs when I talk like a crazy person.  She just gets me. In the deep layer/keep sort of way.  And I just really miss her today. Always. But really today.  She'll understand.  


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