Tuesday, May 8, 2012

6 Little Thoughts.

Thought number 1. 
Does what doesn't kill you really actually make you stronger?  I don't think it really does.  I think that in a way, what doesn't kill us makes us 'softer' people.  Or at least for me that's how it goes.  I kind of see it as living life without regrets but using what could be seen as 'regrets' to learn from.  Sure, it means we're stronger in some ways.  But we gain strength along with other things.  We become stronger, softer, braver, wiser, kinder, better, ... so many other things.  It depends on the situation.  But they all shape us.. . if they don't kill us.  

Thought number 2. 
David Bazan.  I had a friend who used to challenge me to listen to lyrics of songs.  Not like your typical Chris Brown or Justin Beiber lyrics., but real lyrics that actually make you wonder.  Anyways.  David Bazan's got a lot of good lyrics like that.  And.  I love what he has to say on certain things.  He brings an interesting perspective.  Anyways.  This video is him talking about 'love songs'.  It might be boring if you've never listened to him, but.. I like it.  Particularly the part where he says: "The thing that defines real profound love is a timeline.  It's a vast amount of time.  Because you can communicate something in a moment to somebody that is utterly meaningless when you pull back and see it over time."  Well said, Bazan.  Well. Said.  

Thought number 3.
Bulls play tonight.  I'm a bit nervous because DRose is out and they're down 3-1.  So.  If they lose, they're out, if they don't, I keep rootin.  I'm trying to keep myself from picking a second team already to root for.  And., I haven't decided yet.  But.  It will either be the Heat, Spurs, or Mavs.  We'll see what happens.  

Thought number 4. I got to skype this lovely lady the other night.  It made my week.  Man.  I miss her heaps and gobs and piles.  I'm super excited to see her in a couple weeks.  I hope she's prepared for the biggest hug she's seen in years.  But.  I'm trying not to think of the fact that she'll be in Texas and I'll be in Wisconsin.  That's a sad realization.  But.  We're gonna write letters.  And.  Shayler always knows my heart without hardly saying three words.  So.  That's always a plus.
Thought number 5.  Expectations.  As a disclaimer, you should know that this thought doesn't come from any current personal experiences, [although we've all had our experiences with this time and time again].
Don't put your expectations in other people.  They will always let you down.  I know that sounds like such a Debbie Downer thing to say... but it is what it is.  I think it's okay to put 'faith' in people.  For you to see their potential and blah blah blah.  But.  Expectation is a different thing.  Besides the fact that.. we really don't deserve to be expecting anything from anyone... we just shouldn't.  It's not fair to them and it's not fair to you.  

Thought number 6.  I graduate in 19 days.  What the what?!?!

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