Monday, August 20, 2012

Significantly Understood.

I think that two of the things we humans want most in life is to be significant and to be understood.
Lately, it seems that every one in my life here acts in a certain way that can only be explained as wanting to be significant in some way. Significant to a friend. A boyfriend. A company. Just significant to something. Someone. It's human nature to want to be wanted. And it's crazy how obvious it is when you think about it.
As far as being understood goes., most of us want that, too. That's what friendships end up being about. Who understands you. Who 'gets' you. Because that can be hard to find. It seems that way to me anyways.

I think we all think we're so weird and messed up that we think no one would want us. [and I don't just mean significant others., I mean people in general.]  Or that we'd have hours upon days of stories and experiences to explain. And I don't know about you; but I ramble.  And I think the people that enjoy my rambles are few and far between. (Those are my keepers.)

So. If someone's significant to you or you understand them really well., tell them. And if you're significant to someone who understands you., thank them.  And keep them around. Because the good ones can be hard to come by.  And for the ones who don't understand you or respect your significance, do your best not to care about that.  Love them, still.  But don't let their stupidity be your bad day.  

P.S. Hanging out with Cortt and Christopher has really been the greatest.

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