Sunday, October 3, 2010

Days Like Today.

A day like today was exactly what I needed.  Let me bore you with the details to start off.  

I woke up and after I got clean and fresh, Kat and I started to make biscuits and gravy.  Seth came over and we enjoyed deliciousness.  Then we watched Pocahontas until Shayla and Sarah decided we should go to Apple Days on the Square.  We did and it was wonderful.  Old men were singing songs on the street and there's all these wonderful little places to buy things like apple butter and jewelry.  Perf.  And I did indulge in a carameled apple.  Which was everything I thought it would be.  We acquired Nathan and Michael and headed back to Hoiles house to resume watching movies.  Aladdin was next on the list just after a wonderful stand, talk, and drink apple cider in the kitchen time.  Then we played 'Boxers or Briefs' which just might be my new favorite game.  Then we watched Double Jeopardy, to end the night with a thriller.  We finished it off with some channel flipping and dubbing over Disney XD ('extra dirty') cartoons.  A day for the books by far.  

Aside from all the details, I love friends.  And new friends.  And new memories.  Shayla, Kat, and Drea are girls that are dear to my heart and that I love but Nathan, Michael, and Scott I really knew not a thing about before today.  But today I realized that they are all people I would love to surround myself with all the time.  So much fun and so much love.  I just think it's awesome.  They say that to love and to be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.  And today I felt that I loved and I felt immensely that I was loved.  And that's such an awesome part of life.  God gives us people to make us realize how loved we are.  And just the company of others gives me so much comfort.  

Oh how He loves us.   

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