Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Daisies and Snow.

Every single hair on my head has a split end that's about an inch long. I've nearly forgotten how my room at home sweet home is arranged, and I hardly remember which one of my dogs is bigger than the other.  I don't remember what my dad's hug feels like, and my mom's jokes haven't been heard by me in forever.  Only solution is., I need to go home for Easter. 
Even if that means snow.  Yep.  Snow.  That's right.  I used to associate Easter with daisies and chocolate bunnies.  Hard to believe that it snowed at home today.  All I know is, it better be gone by Thursday.  

In other news, my hours seem to be evaporating faster than a millimeter of water in the heat of all suns.  Seriously.  It's almost 6 already?  Night hours creep up on me like no other, even though I do productive things with my time.  Sleep, homework, working out, and being there for people is what my productivity is mostly directed towards.  I do spend occasional hours of my weeks on reading blogs, checking facebook, eating, and other miscellaneous things., I am a human after all.  But seriously, my roomie and I spend our free minutes talking about how there are no free minutes to be found anymore.  
I had this thought today.  Nikweeta approved, so I guess I'll run it passed you.  What about. .. two nights in a day? Yea?  You could eat breakfast, do some work and play some, eat lunch, and then go to bed at about 1pm.  Then we could wake up at 6, eat supper, do more homework, work out, sew a blanket, whatever suits your fancy.  Then go to bed, get up for breakfast and start it all over.  Works right? 


  • Shaina just told me that the twist ties are bread loaves are different colors and the color correspond to what day of the week the bread was baked.  Crazy!
  • God rocks, and He blew my mind again yesterday. 
  • Intramural volleyball tonight! Wootwoot!   

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  1. did it snow when you were at home? I like your two nights a day idea. im a night owl, so that would be awesome.