Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Believe. . .

I believe that some peoples' hearts take a little bit longer than others to get to. 
I believe that singing music at the top of your lungs is freeing.  
I believe that few things beat the smell of a good campfire. 
I believe that not eating after 10pm is a good idea. 
I believe that my family consists of the best three people on this planet.
I believe that someone should have your trust until they prove you wrong. 

I believe that dogs 'just know'. 
I believe that the transivity property is obvious, and shouldn't have to be proven.
I believe that everything will happen in God's time. 
I believe that cell phones are both the best and the worst.
I believe that being a gentleman/gentle'woman' can go a pretty long way. 

I believe that patience (although cliche) is incredibly important.  
I believe that you shouldn't hold hands with someone for the simple sake of holding hands.  
I believe that real conversation is one of the best things you can come by. 
I believe that there's nothing worse than my dad being disappointed in me.  No one wants to let down their superhero. 
I believe that the reason people don't like coffee can only be because they don't make it right, or they simply don't want to. 
I believe that men shouldn't be judged for sharing real emotions. 
I believe that a lot is revealed about a person when they are tested. 
I believe that dark grey is a beautiful color. 
I believe that hearts are always an important thing to consider. 
I believe that Jesus is all I need. 
I believe there's beauty in math. 
I believe that friendship should never be a matter of convenience. 
I believe actions are too easily justified these days. 
I believe that a man is ten times more beautiful when he smells good. 
I believe that best friends are angels on earth.
I believe that no one should ever be anyone's option. 

I believe that focusing on the positive from day to day makes life a lot happier and worthwhile.  


  1. I believe you are awesome.

    I don't like coffee because I don't like hot things going down my throat and I don't like the flavor. Im sure I could acquire the taste :)

    I believe that people are capable of much more than they think.
    I believe that prayer is both powerful and effective.

    I believe that eating dove chocolate and watching cheesy movies with megan van de loo can be refreshing and wonderful.