Monday, December 12, 2011

God Is A Mathematician. And I Am A Girl.

Warning: Contains complaining.  

TODAY. I am a girl. Of course.. everyday I'm a girl. But today, I really am.  Last week, Jamie phrased it the most flawless way ever.  She said that.. we don't like the way girls act so we act like boys. But [since we're only so strong], every once in a while a girl sneaks in.  So, this is the girl sneakin in.  I know right., you'd think I was never in COR401 learning about demolishing gender stereotypes all. semester. long.  Oh well.  I feel like I'm annoyingly emotional, none of my clothes look good, I wish I never cut my hair, and I wanna run a million miles.  Or maybe just 10.  
Here are a couple truths.  
I miss matrices and geometric constructions, 0.5mm pencils are way better than 0.7, and, last week was the longest week of my semester.  Safe to say.  And that's partially because I'm irresponsible, but partially because it just was.  This Thanksgiving to Christmas break stretch is the most unmotivated a brain can ever be.  Especially when you're a math major in your 5th year of college.  I have a program to write by this Friday -in which I'm way lost, stupid, and far behind. Then it's finals time.  And. I hardly care.  

So. Since I hate complaining (and I'm fully aware that I just spent two paragraphs doing so), let me try to add some positivity.  
-A week from today, I'll be done.  Merry Christmas to me. I only have to care for one.more.week.  
-My friends are the best in the world. Seriously. I don't know how people get through life without friends like mine.
-Once I step away from math, I really do like it.  It's just all too blurry right now.  But. I think it's fun to wonder if God is a mathematician (answer being... DUH!) And. I think it's funny how people can't see how mathematics is both discovered and invented.  Silly people.     

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  1. hmm. Math being discovered and invented. Not saying I don't see it but I guess I don't understand. I would need you to explain it. :) My brain doesn't think very well in the realm of mathematics. I haven't had math since my freshmen year of college. geez louise.