Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Day Of The Grand Assortment.

It's hard to believe that a day could be so grand when it begins with a 7:30 Multivariable Calculus class, but alas, it can be done.  
So that's just how it began.  With Calc.  And then I went to Differential Equations.  Where I actually finally turned in my homework.  And then I went to work with the best boss ever.  She really is the greatest.  She listens to all my stories and tells me all of hers all the time.  I would call it a rarity that a boss could be as great as her.  But again, alas, it can be done.  
I got done with work early and went back to my house.  Blake was with me and then we went to lunch.  Lunch was good.  I mean.  As good as you can get in the DC.  I had fish and a vegetable filled taco.  I got to sit next to Shayla and we giggled and talked like girls do.  And then together, we decided that skipping class just seemed like a good idea for a Wednesday.  I mean, sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.  And then.  I got to sit next to a cute smile for about an hour, so that all continued that whole 'grand' theme.
Then.  I took a splendid nap.  And then I woke up and Michael and I walked to rent Toy Story 3.  Then.  I colored part of a 'presh moam' picture.  Then dinner wish some of the funnest and finest people I know.  
After that I got do chill with some of the girls in my house.  God has absolutely blessed me with being in this house and putting all of these girls here with me.  Most of the other RCs complain about not having community or having discipline problems, and the list really goes on.  But.  I've had none of those problems.  Most people don't believe it but, alas, it too can be done.  
Now it became time for Survivor at Scott's with him and Jordan.  A weekly ritual.  Then I came back here where I worked on my 'paper blog' that I'm calling 'A Little Bit of it All. And Then Some.'
And now.  It's time to watch Toy Story 3 with Zach and Sarah and Michael. 
And.  I'm sure that will end on the grandest note.


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  1. I love grand notes, and the grandest one is my favorite. :)