Friday, November 19, 2010

Smart Aleck.

It's hard to believe I've made it but... it's finally Friday.  It was a rough week, but.. you know what they say; NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD.  And it's true. As long as you're not a greedy smart aleck who asks for things like boats and a million dollars.  Neither of which I want, by the way.  
That brings me to my next thought.  Where did the word smart aleck come from?  Was it just a really sassy little boy?  I feel like he would be one of those little kids you'd read about in Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books.  I read those when I was little.  If you didn't, you should.  Not like, go back to your childhood and do that, because that's not logical, but, read one of them now.  You're never too old.  
Aside from all that, my brain is pretty much fried.  Ew.  Fried brain.  Sounds like a delicious delicacy. . . Anyways. This afternoon I made pumpkin muffins with Reed and Shayla.  Let me just say.  Delicious in so many ways.  
Also, I just introduced Shayla to sweatpants.  I said, "Sweatpants, meet Shayla.  Shayla, sweatpants" and love has arrived.  I dare say she may be hooked.  
And now, since I'm way behind on tv, I am going to watch the latest episode of Glee on hulu.  

And in case you were actually wondering where the term 'smart aleck' came from, because I was, here it is:

Probably from Alexander H Stephens ( Little Aleck)distinguished Senator from Ga in the late 1850's. He was an extremely good debater and speaker of his day. People would come from miles around to hear him speak. He was very small and frail and a senator from NJ told him one day during a debate he could cut off his ears and swallow him in one swallow and Aleck's retort was that his stomach would have a lot more brains that his head.  He was later the Vice President of the Confederacy, and Governor of Georgia.
Lincoln once said of him, "I have just listened to someone who, though small and frail, delivered the smartest speech I have ever heard in my life."

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