Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Million Pages Long.

This blog post is going to be a million pages long.  For you dedicated readers, thank you and read on. 

First things first.  Right now I am sitting on Julies spare bed.  I've been at her place all day doing homework.  And now she's hosting her weekly RC meeting, so I shifted my stuff here.  When I say I've been working on homework here all day, I am partially lying because it was mixed in with several other distractions.  The thing is that sometimes I can be a bad student.  Seriously.  Who is always perfect?  I did get my lab report done, which was a big accomplishment.  It's been lingering around from when I was supposed to do it amongst my bronchitisness.  Also.  Not a word.  But I make words up as I please.  Other things that needed completing were my Multivariable homework and my Differential Equation homework.  Multivariable; I was on problem 74 right before I decided to take this 'little' blog break.  Meaning I have a lot done but still a lot to do.  Diff Eq.- haven't started.  But.  That always seems to be my weekend pattern.  I start homework at 3pm on Sundays.  Which is the dumbest idea ever for someone with my homework load, but it's what I do.  It's like fitting 11 hours of homework into 3.  Not really.  But something like that if you understand.  I did decide today though, that I am going to have homework parties at Julie's every Sunday.  Michael, Em, Shayla, and Blake joined at random times today.  So that was grand.  We partook in a typical college dinner- mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, and pizza rolls.  Mmmhmm.  Shayla is gonna cook for us next Sunday.  I can't wait.  And I do say this designed Sunday time needs a clever name.  Soon.  

The rest of my weekend was wonderful as well.  Friday started it off with an excellent room rearranging.  I have room ADD so it's a common thing for me to want to switch things up.  Sarah understands so it's all good.  I love the occasional 'switch around and clean it up' thing.  Then we planned a 'Toy Story 3' night which turned into a 'Taken' night.  Attendees were Nathan, Aly, Hillary,  Michael, and Shayla.  After trying to get the 'Toy Story 3' file to work for about an hour, we made the switch to Taken.  What a great movie and what a great night.  
Saturday morning Hillary and I left at 7am to go help out at the school for the blind.  Now this is an interesting thing.  It was the Championship Goalball tournament and my teacher told us about the volunteer opportunity.  Goalball is a game designed for the blind; partially blind or completely.  There is a court with a big goal on each end.  3 people, each on opposing teams, go on opposite sides right in front of the goal.  They are completely blindfolded with goggles.  The ball that they use has bells inside of it and they roll it back and forth and block it with their bodies.  There are a few more rules but you get the just of it.  It is quite amazing to watch.  I had never heard of such a thing or been by anyone blind for any amount of time.  It was quite the eye-opener.  And I mean that in the most unpunny respectful way.  But really.  It's so cool to be exposed to those who are different then us.  We get really caught up with our lives and what we take for granted.  I think what was the most interesting to me was the fear that these kids didn't have.  If I were blindfolded, I would be walking around incredibly slowing.  Probably crawling even; making sure I didn't bump into anything that would be in my way.  But these kids didn't seem to have that fear at all.  They would block this ball with their body no problem, and find the momentum to throw it without the slightest bit of fear.  And I just admire that greatly. 
Saturday night Ben, Michael, Blake, Shayla and I went to Pizza Hut and Walmart.  Then we all gathered at my house to watch 'Hot Rod' and 'Inception'.  I fell asleep during Inception.  But two and a half movies in a weekend is a pretty great accomplishment for me.  

And I think that is all I have time for for now.  And possibly all you can read before boredom.  So here I will end.  

By the way, if you don't know 'Sticks and Stones' by Dave Barnes, please please look it up.  And if you haven't played the Unicorn Robot game on facebook, don't; because you will get addicted.  And I'm sure we all have more important things to do.  And if you've never had caramel chocolate espressos made by Julie, you should experience one.  Because I will.  Every Sunday.  

To come:  Without Ceasing that happened last Wednesday and a Dave Barnes concert that happened last Thursday night.  By the way.  Those two things made for two great days in a row followed by a Friday where I found out I got an A on my Multivariable Calculus test.  Basically, I've had the best series of days since Wednesday, which has been awesome.  And now, I am really done blogging.  

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