Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So Little Time.

These are things I need to do. 

Call my Grama W.  Because she sent me slippers and I need to thank her.  

Hang out with Katelyn.  Because I miss her. 
Hang out with Hillary.  Because I miss her too. 
Hang out with Sarah and Shayler too.  Because I miss them as well.  
Buy craft supplies to make Christmas presents. 
Make Christmas presents. 
Order things online for cheap.  For Christmas presents.  
Millions of homework like Diff Eq, Multivaribale, Chemistry, Behavior Management, and HPR.  Yes.  All of that.  Gross.  
Chew minty gum.  Because I'm craving it.  
Hug Blakeley.  Because she hugs very nicely.  
Not get distracted by things like blogs and facebook.  Whoops. 
Stop with all these boring blog entries and write about some real stuff.  Sometime soon.  Promise. 
Miss Nikweeta some more.  Because I can't really help that.  
Get a cell phone that has a right button that works.  Because it's annoying.  
Play Robot Unicorn attack.  Because it's almost more addicting than Tiki was.
Balance my checkbook and turn in my receipts.  Like a responsible adult.  
Call my parents.  Because I miss them. 
Stop missing everyone.  Because it stinks.  
Open a coffee shop with Nikweeta.  But that's years down the road. 
Study. Now.