Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Does It Bother You That I Call You Asian? No Because I Am!

Hold on tight.  It’s a long one.

With only three more days left of 2010, I’d say it’s coming to close in some of the best ways imaginable.  I’m not usually one to reflect on the year as a whole or come up with big New Year’s resolutions.  As Sara Barielles says, “Save your resolution for your never New Year.” And I would have to agree that no one ever follows through anyways.  So.  If you really want to change something, why not just change it?  Why do we always have to wait for the New Year?  And as far as reflecting on the year goes, perhaps I’ll do that in a later entry.  But I’m not feelin that at the moment.

Instead I’ll talk about the grandness of yesterday.    The plan for the day was to have a Bourne movie marathon with my boys.  Because well, the Bourne movies (not to mention Matt Damon) are just so wonderful.  In between the movies was going to be supper and occasional games.  Anyways, plans ended up changing a bit so we were going to eat supper, play games, and then watch one of the movies.  I had my sights set on all three of them, but a little Matt Damon is better than none at all, right?  Right.  So.  The boys get there.  And, not to mention any names. . . but the movies were forgotten.  So.  We decided we’d save that to figure out later.  Supper was served and games were played.  We found out that. . . some place, it’s a law that monkeys can’t ride a city bus.  Hmm.  We also learned that the movie ‘Seven Alone’ is in fact not about a schizophrenic man who’s personalities join together to form one ultra-character.  Then it was on to Pictureka, where it became a competition to yell ‘Blue’ quicker than my dad.  I don’t want to bore you with any other details, just in case you don’t know how to play these games and these facts are irrelevant.  So I’ll just lock them in my head as fond memories and I’ll move on.  Games were over and as soon as the boys sat down and turned on football, I figured watching a movie was soon to become a lost cause.  Somehow, they all decided it was okay to go rent a movie, which turned into going to Jonathan’s house to get the Bourne movies.  We had a sudden kick of possibly aiming to watch all three.  Which meant we had to stop at each of their houses to get contact cases and sweat pants.  Anyways.  At the late hour of 11 p.m., it was time to start the first Bourne movie.  Jonathan quickly drifted into dream world, while Michael drifted into the addicting world of facebook.  So.  Calvin and I were left to watch the first one.  Then we put in the second one.  Not too far into the movie, I heard Michael and Cal set their glasses on tables and commit to falling asleep.  So rather than waking them up right away I decided I’d take a little nap.  3:30 came around and they woke up and wandered home.
And on that note, I’m not sure if my boys know how much I appreciate them.  It’s hard to explain, but they’ve just shown me a lot about life and people and understanding since the first day they walked into my life.  Each of them in different ways.  Not to get sappy.  But.  It’s true.  They’ve been my friends since my junior year of high school.  And I’d say that the time frame that we’ve been friends is close to identical to the time period containing the biggest periods of growth in my life.  And possibly theirs.  I mean, that’s when you grow up.  When you go off to college.  And it’s been nice to have them there.  Not always as a daily thing, but still I know they’d be there if I ever needed anything.  They’ve been pretty consistent.  And I’m rambling.  But.  I just love them.     

Moving on and rambling a bit more, tonight I’m at Kyah Jo’s.  We’re watching Despicable Me and planning to drink coffee soon.  Kyah is the best Asian friend I could have ever asked for.  I look forward to our catch up chats and detailed stories every time we’re finally together.  And let me tell you something, people could learn a thing or two from this movie.  And from Kyah Jo. 

  • I miss Julie.  And our Sunday espresso talks. 
  • This might be the best break I’ve ever had.  Since the beginning of my college career.  It seems everything just fell together. 
  • Also, I’m sure you know but just a reminder: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” – Proverbs 3:5-6

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  1. well, all i can say is that your friends must be awesome because the hang out with you :) Also, Glad your break went so well!!