Thursday, December 30, 2010

Downer. Debbie Downer.

Normally I'm a positive person.  But for some reason, I can't shake this couple days of a Debbie Downer streak.  So.  I'll just complain for a little.  I warned you.  Now read on if you must. 

First.  I hate money.  And the answer to whether or not I care to elaborate on that would be no.  Money sucks.  Rather., lack there of.

Next business of negative news would be that I was looking at old pictures today.  Now.  That's positive and negative, because it was rather enjoyable and memories are quite fond.  My mom and I had to go all the way back to 2006 to find a picture of the first blanket I ever sewwed.  So.  While I was looking at these old pictures, I realized how thin I used to be.  Not a bad thin.  But.  I have 'let myself go'.  In my eyes.  And not even really.  It's just that I wish I had more time and it was easier for me to be healthy.  Hopefully being off the meal plan next semester will be a big help.  And a roojmie that is willing to keep me accountable for working out.  Mainly, I have a low self-esteem.  Anyways.  That would be that.

Lastly, I think too much.  So I should probably stop that. 

On another note, I only have a few more days left at home before I head back to school.  I have quite a bit to fit in that time frame, but hopefully it'll all turn out right.

Well.  I've had just about enough of being negative.  So.  I should pray that this shakes like.. now.  You could too if you so desire. 

Time to watch Dispicable Me again!      

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  1. First of all, dat movie should make you feel better :) At least your not some evil villain. I too have had a debbie downer mood lately. I wish I wasn't so far away...i'd help keep ya accountable. kinda hard to do long distance..anyways, don't worry. This will pass, remember new mercies and joy comes in the morning! p.s. i think waaaaay too much.