Sunday, December 26, 2010

In Vermont, It's Illegal To Stick A Pig. Whatever That Means.


Christmas Eve started 'with a bang'.  We watched Inception at Calvin's on Christmas Eve Eve, which carried over into Christmas Eve as it dwindled down to Calvin, Michael, Jonathan and Megan talk time.  This usually means constant sarcasm and picking on each other with a few as-deep-as-you-can-get-at-this-time-of-day thoughts.  For some people, that sounds rude and crazy; picking on each other.  What kind of rude people do that?  But for us, it's just always been our way of fun.  And as we grew up and life taught us all lessons, it seems that we've kept our constant love for sass and sarcasm.  And for that, I am strangely grateful.  
I got some sleep and the Eve continued on.  My sister came over which was wonderful.  I hardly ever get to spend time with her.  
Then we went to my Aunt and Uncle's for supper, gifts, and games.  Steak and shrimp.  Wow.  Then it was a long night of Royal Rummy.  Needless to say, grama is hilarious when she gets a bad hand.  And.  I made four bucks.  Not bad. 

I slept in until 11.  Way to start off wonderful.  Jenna and Dan came at 1 and we opened presents, which is always a good time.  We all gave pretty wonderfully fitting gifts this year.  
We ate homeade pizza, rested, and then played some memorable games.  Pictureka and Balderdash.  Let me tell you, my family doesn't often play games that make us laugh until we cry.  But.  Balderdash did the trick.  Is a 'mammock' a: fragment, a hammock made for mammals, or a hammock made to fit large amounts of people?  In New Jersey, is it illegal to surf: wearing a purple wetsuit, unless you've soaked in a 'bath mixture' for 3 days to fight off the sharks (good one Jenna ;), or stark naked?  Either way.  Laughs were quite plentiful tonight.  

In the end, I must say that from the absolute beginning of Christmas Eve all the way to the absolute end of Christmas day, I have never felt so blessed.  Constantly surrounded by people who love me and the God responsible for it all.

I love life.  And a white Christmas.

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  1. haha, I smiled real big the entire time I read your entry. Glad your Christmas was awesome!