Thursday, June 9, 2011

Coondogs And Cold Beer.

Lately I've been on this country kick. 
I said it.
I swore I wouldn't., but there it is.  Sure it's slightly embarassing but it is what it is.  I think it may be influenced by the fact that 'mainstream' music is so overplayed, and every single time I turn on 95.5, "The Lazy Song" is playing for the 27th time.
Now, let me mention that country music isn't something foreign to me.  In my years of working at a DQ with a stereo, having a country-loving-highschool-best-friend, and two freshman roommates who had the right to over rule my music choices, I've had my share of country music (dare I say...) forced upon me.  And to be truthful, I didn't mind the occasional country song.  But, admitting it all is just a huge step for me. 
Of course, it won't be all I'll listen to, but I think I'll slowly let a bit more sneak onto my ipod.  Slowly.  Only the good stuff like The Band Perry and Zac Brown Band.  None of that old twangy crap.  You know, what's funny about country is how much they talk about being country.  They're really proud.  It's all about coondogs, bare feet, cold beer, summer heat, tractors, and thinks like blue jeans.  But, I will give them this- they have clever lyrics.  And there's just something grand about knowing the lyrics and singing along.  I'm a fan of the current country beat of "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" (see, there's the bare feet and the blue jeans).  But really.  That beat's fun. 
Anyways, I suppose that's how I feel about country music for now.  I can't wait until Steph gets here TONIGHT and we can jam out to "Big Green Tractor".

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