Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yesterday. Today.

Yesterday my mom informed me about something I had never heard of.  My dogs and my mom and I were in the car, and Snickers all of the sudden snaps at Peppe.  My mom explained to me that this is a case of 'Little Man Syndrome'.  Apparently that's when a little man thinks he's a big man.  Ha.  It cracked me up for a while.  
Also.  Yesterday was a pretty healthy day for me.  I'm trying.  It's the whole summer-I-need-to-lose-weight thing.  Either way, I ate healthy.  And I ran 3 whole miles.  I was pretty proud.  And, I need to keep this in mind; if I exercise an hour a day, 96% of my week is diet.  So, that's a lot.  So.  Eat healthy.  Why yes, I'll sure try.
Then Michael and Jonathan came over for a campfire, and it was probably one of my favorite nights so far.  So.  That was grand. 

Today was a pretty grand day as well.  I got up early to let the plumber in to fix our pressure tank.  So, since I was tired all day long, I just lazed around.  And, I haven't really had a great lazy day since I've been home.  So I enjoyed it to the max.  Caught up on television and painted a bit.  Ate a late supper with my parents and I'm finishing the day off by watching the game.  And going to bed early. 

So.  That'll be two grand days in a row.  I'll try for a third tomorrow.  It's up early for the Dairyfest breakfast and then I'm going bowling with mom and the kindergartners.  Then, coffee in the afternoon with my broski!

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