Monday, March 26, 2012

My Day. My Thoughts. My Luf.

Well.  Today's a pretty good day I think. Considering. I've got tons of stuff to do but my mentality seems to be good enough (thus far) to do most of it successfully. I've calculated that I have about 7 hours worth of actual work to do.  So.. since I can't get it all done.. how much I sacrifice of it will be my choice.  But. Before I get too focused on my homework...  

A Random Thought: Has my path of mathematics drawn me away from my passion to care for people? Of course I care for people.  A lot. But I care a lot for the people that I care about, yknow? I used to have more of a passion for all pepole.  I used to know how to appeal to more people's needs and to guide them.  Once, I wanted to be a social worker.  And now when I think of all that goes with that, there's no way.  Not that I wouldn't care for the people, because I would.  But. It's more a matter of that I've lost some of my means and understanding to do so.
Not sure where I'm going with all of this. But. Just a thought I had. 

In other news. I have this friend named Nikweeta. I do NOT know where I would be without this lovely lady.  What appears to may have been an 'accidental' friendship turns out to be one of the greatest pieces of evidence of God in my life.  I can't believe how much she cares and I'm often astonished by how much she loves me.  Last week, I was spoiled and got to spend 3 days with her. That's a rarity in our busy schedules but it made me so incredibly happy.  Words can hardly describe how great she is. But. I'm so blessed to have her in my life and I cannot WAIT to be in her and Jordan's wedding and see two of my favorite people ever be wed!   

Also. If you're not sure what 8tracks is. You should know. And listen to this playlist. (and no. I'm not a hipster) 

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