Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I don't often dish out thoughts on relationships.  But I feel like it.  So I will.  First- my disclaimer: My thoughts switch a lot.  And where my thoughts are right now haven't always been and definitely won't always be.  And my thoughts definitely don't stand for everyone.
'Being with someone' sounds so complicated right now.  I think a lot of people are naive about relationships and how much work and commitment a good actual relationship takes.  How long can a relationship last without substance?  ... Not very.
I've come to realize that I'm really weird and I've got a lot of quirks. [Cue music: "The best kind of girl... is a quirky girl"] But really- weird isn't always the easiest to love.  So why does it make sense to search for somebody to love you and all the weird things about you?  That's not something that you can force on someone.  It's their choice.  Just like it's your choice to love someone and all they 'entail'.
Anyways.  That's just my two boring cents on that.  

In other news, I'm addicted to One Tree Hill.  Yes.  I'm emotionally attached to fictional characters and bad acting but I am not ashamed.  I'm now on Season 2.  The acting is getting progressively better.  I have hope for the future seasons.  Anyways.  I'd marry Lucas Scott if I could.  And I'm mad at Haley for breaking Nathan's heart. 

-Thursday night I get to watch 3 hours of the Voice with Nikweeta.  That'll get me through a few days.  

-When tabacco and coffee were starting to be imported back in the day, the verdict was out on how 'safe' coffee was.  People saw it as a potentially dangerous stimulant.  Could you imagine if coffee would have been a 'drug'? 
-This video is awesome. 


  1. Amen! "Being with someone" IS complicated and should not be painted as an oasis, or utopian style of life. "Being alone" is clearly not what God intended--what I mean by that is that we were not made to be alone and lacking in relationship. The moment that one thinks that a single relationship with the opposite gender will paint their canvas as a complete picture is the moment they should look around and see all of the various relationships that actually add the color to their lives.

    AND thank you for the video. It was a nice background to inspire me to write this post!

  2. Megs. I love your blogs. I'm glad you're quirky. I'm glad that you referenced SNL. And I love C'mon Talk. I'm so glad we're friends. =]