Monday, April 23, 2012

Mike Chadwick.

Thanks to Kelly Rae's recital, I've had "Who Are We Fooling?" by Brooke Fraser stuck in my head for days.  First.  Kelly Rae is absolutely amazing.  The most beautiful voice hands down I have ever heard.  Second.  Caleb proposed.  And she said yes.  And it was beautiful.  Third.  These song lyrics by Brooke Fraser blew my mind.  "We both agreed on where we should go., but not how to get there."... "If it's not either of us tell me who are we fooling?"  Really though.  Look up the song.  And the lyrics.  

In other news, I finally bought 'The Ugly Truth'.  It's okay.  You can judge me if you'd like.  I'm aware that it's not the most 'fruitful' movie.  But I sure do love it.  Mostly because it's just good, but partially because I relate to it a little bit. And Mike Chadwick in the form of Gerard Butler is a personal potential dream boat float of mine.  Sorry if that didn't make sense.  Sometimes that's what happens when I withhold thoughts.  

Lots of randoms today:
  • The last several episodes of Grey's have been so wonderful.  Emotionally grand.  
  • I really need to get my guitar back out.  Tune it.  And play it.  
  • I could go for a nice long bike ride with my daddio right about now.  
  • Rats teeth never stop growing.  That's why they grind them.  (Thanks Jules). 
  • Em's art show is the Sunday!!! I'm so pumped!
  • Tea is my new coffee.  At least I think so. 
  • This mix on 8tracks is my new favorite:
  • I came across this quote by Edgar Allen Poe: "And being so young and dipped in folly, I fell in love with melancholy."  Now, I'm not ashamed at the fact that I often google words.  My vocabulary isn't the largest.  Anyways.  Melancholy has an even more negative connotation than I thought.  "Sadness or depression of the spirits. Gloom".  I just always assumed it meant more on the lines of 'mellowly contemplative'.  Guess not. 
  • This is for Nikweeta.  I know she likes Maya. 

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