Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Day In The Life.

Normally, if you'd ask me what's gone through my brain in the past ten minutes, I would most often tell you ... "a lot".  Anyways.  I realized that my thoughts were starting to trample over each other.  I would think of something.  Then I'd think of something else. Like.. "This would be a nice thing to do for this person" or.. "Oh. That'd be a good thing to look into to do for my life." But.. then I keep thinking of other things., and all of my thoughts get trampled.  I'd say.. about 67% of them.  So. I decided to try to not neglect my poor thoughts for a day and commit to writing down whatever nonsense came to my head. Or at least some of it.  
So. This is what I got. (And I warn you., some thoughts seem to disconnected. My brain is a strange place): 
"They had nothing but the people of God and the word of God. And strangely that was enough." Jackson said that in chapel. Loved it.
Next, I think I was accused of being too complex.  I was slightly insulted and because.., I do my best to live a fairly simple life.  Maybe someday I'll be convicted to be more simple and own all of three shirts.  Oh well.  We'll see what God tells me.
I've always felt awkward about fist pumps/hand shakes.  How do you react? Everyone does them a different way.  Is it a fist pump? Is it a hand shake?  Is it a fistpump-handshake-combo? Just awkward.
Then. I go into work, which leads me to the union for coffee.  I'm still thinking about this 'simplicity' thing.  How simple am I really?  Simple 'enough'?  Compared to what though?  People's standards?  My standards?  God's standards?  Anyways. I know black coffee would be the most simple.  But.  I don't like it that way.  Vanilla syrup.  Surely that's more simple than caramel or hazelnut right?  Then sugar.  Which reminds me of how I prefer actual sugar as opposed to artificial sweeteners.  Then I was reminded of what Blakeley told me about artificial sweeteners living in fat cells and creating new homes when they don't have enough fat cells to live in.  Gross.  Then I was reminded of a Condescending Wonka that says "You drink Diet soda? You must be so healthy."  Ha.  Anyways.  Then I pay for my coffee and I thank Union John for putting in the literal two cents so I can have even dollar change yet again.  And I hope that when I tell him to have a good day he knows that I sincerely mean it.

And. That leads us to about 10am.  So I'll stop because that's already a lot of rambles.

Anyways.  Embishop gave me this picture.  And I obviously love it.  

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