Thursday, April 26, 2012

Letter Three.

It's about time for another letter. 

Mom and Dad, 
I'm not sure when exactly it was that I realized that you were the best parents I could have asked for.  But.  Somewhere along the line, I transitioned from thinking that parents punish their kids because they hated them, to realizing that you're two of the wisest people I know.
Thanks for teaching me to love.  An honest, unconditional love that I try to live out.  Thanks for teaching me to listen.  Thanks for teaching me patience.  Thanks for helping me realize that life isn't all about me, but that occasionally, I have to do some things for my sanity.  Thanks for standing in awe over my talents- whether it be that first grade piece of 'art' with mom in her Cherokee sweatshirt, or whether it be the first time I came home and showed you how to add letters.  Thanks for supporting me in all that I do.  Thanks for understanding.  I honestly can't think of a time where you've not understood or when you've not let me explain until you understood.  Thanks for making sacrifice after sacrifice for me.  Thanks for taking me camping.  Thanks for teaching me that helping out around the house won't kill me.  Thanks for teaching me what's fair, and the fact that life isn't always.  Thanks for letting me paint my rooms bright colors.  Thanks for providing my friends a loving place to hang out.  Thanks for teaching me that 'modest is hottest', and that wearing sunscreen is a good idea.  Thanks for giving me saltines and 7up with every tummy-ache.  Thanks for teaching me to ride a bike.  Thanks for always detecting the 'fuzzy eye'.  Thanks for making me laugh all the time.  Thanks for letting me cry for no reason -if that's what I need.  Thanks for making me dirt-cake for all my birthdays.  Thanks for making pizza dough with me.  Thanks for letting me come grocery shopping and throw unnecessary items in the cart.  Thanks for teaching me to floss.  Mostly, thanks for raising me with the values you did.  Thanks for not sheltering me, but instead, being able to trust me.  Thanks for stressing the points of honesty, trust, patience, and respect.  Those are big ones. 
Anyways.  I could go on forever.  So.  Thanks for all the love you've given me.  Sorry for the 'troubles' I've caused and the arguments I've instigated.  Thanks for loving me so incredibly unconditionally.  

P.S. Thanks for the blue eyes

Love always,
Baby Jane

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