Saturday, June 30, 2012


As much as I'd like to argue the point at times., I've come to terms with the fact that I'm an introvert.  Sure.. I'm a bit of an extrovert at times.  I'm a Pisces.. so I'm a fence rider. [even though I don't really agree with astrological signs].  Sometimes I need people and conversation to recharge.  Actually., it seems that I do most often of the times.  But... there are times where all I need is my laptop and a coffee shop and an iced coffee with a shot of white mocha.  And I believe that true extroverted people wouldn't need that at all.  I'm comfortable being alone and having not more than one friend in Marshfield for longer than an extrovert would be.  And although I couldn't handle it forever., I can be pretty happy with books and a journal and a television and a sewing machine.. and internet.  So.  Here's me being introverted at the coffee shop., while I skype chat away with my bestie Blake while she's at a coffee shop doing the same.  I must say.  She is wonderful.
I also happen to be going through old photos in the task of organizing my external hard drive.  And. I found these two gems.
We're beautiful., aren't we?!

In other news!  My friends Jonathan and Katie got married last night! They are such a beautiful perfect pair!  And Zach and Sarah get married next Friday! AND. . Nikweeta and Jordan get married in one week.  I can't wait to witness it all first hand.  All the love!!

Anyways., I think that's about all I want to cover for now. 

Happy weekending everyone!  See you soon, Greenville!


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