Friday, June 1, 2012

When Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday.

I'm reading the excellent book called "The Universe and the Tea Cup- The Mathematics of Truth and Beauty."  And if you know much about me, you should know that me calling a book 'excellent' is about as common as my dad passing up a bike ride -- incredibly rare.  So.  First I'd like to re-point out the fact that I am (by common definition) a nerd.  And I do plan on re-going through my Calculus book as soon as I get unpacked.  So it only makes sense that I'm reading a book regarding the 'mathematics of truth and beauty'.  And like I said, It's fabulous.  I'm sure I'll have quite the quotes coming your way soon.  But here's one that I love [on the suject of risk]:
"Of course, risk isn't all bad.  Without knowingly taking risks, no one would ever walk out the door, much less go to school, drive a car, have a baby, submit a proposal for a research grant, fall in love, or swim in the ocean.  It's hard to have any fun, accomplish anything productive, or experience life without taking on risks - sometimes substantial ones.  Life, after all, is a fatal disease, and the mortality rate for humans, at the end of the day, is 100 percent." So there you have it.  Risk is essential.  But I think that risk too often keeps us from accomplishing what we should. 

What about the things we say we'll do tomorrow?  The things we never actually get around to doing.  When our optimistic 'tomorrows' become our now-gone 'yesterdays. 
What about all the things we let get away from us?  The 'priorities' we let get in the way of our motivations.  The words and feelings we never say.  The misunderstandings we never clear up.  The risk that keeps us from moving on.  The opportunities we never take.  The pride that holds us back.  The chances we never seek out.  The fear that keeps us from playing the game- the fear of failure; the fear of success. 
I'm definitely guilty of all these things.  And I think too often I just accept it as something that happens in life.  Everybodys tomorrows become their yesterdays from time to time, right?  But do they have to? 
I don't want mine to anymore.  I want to do the things I want to do.  Today.  Not tomorrow.  So. Cheers to that. 

In less thoughtful regards, we have a neighborhood attacker cat.  Mom named him Ballzy. .. I'll leave you to infer why.  Anyways.  He's this huge orange cat.  He's not fat, but he's incredibly muscular and he's approximately the size of a golder retriever puppy.  [Which is big for a cat.. if you have the same visual of a golden retreiver puppy as I do.]  Anyways.  He kills things.  And I woke up at 2am to him murdering something outside my window for about 5 minutes.  We've found victims in the form of squirrels and mice, and this morning Ballzy was caught with a bird in his mouth.  I understand that there's a food chain.. but.. I have a 4.5 pound dog.  And Ballzy could kill him.  So mom's threatening to shoot him.  We'll see what happens.

Speaking of my tomorrows not vanishing, I'm off to go for a run.  It's my third day with no sweets and all exercise.  And that's hard when you wake up to red velvet cake scraps from the neighbor.  But I'm doin it.  For as long as I decide.  Old-confident-Megan here I come.   

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  1. I'm glad I can still read your blogs when you're so far away from helps it be less sad :)