Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beautiful Ruins.

Most people would say that 'beautiful ruins' is an oxymoron, but I would have to say that it makes perfect sense. To me, there is something about ruins that has such a beauty and such a potential to be something great. And then we're always left with the ability to picture what it looked like before it was ruined. And we wonder How did it get that way? I think sometimes in our lives we can look a lot like beautiful ruins. Maybe at times people can only see one side of us; that being either the beauty or the ruins. But I think the better you know a person the more you can see that each one of us has both beauty and ruins and it is our ruins and the way we get through them that makes us beautiful.

Today for part of our mission adventure we started to help fix up the 'ruins' of a place. The last cleaning schedule on the bathroom was from 2007, so I suppose you could say it's been a while since some upkeep has occurred. It was an assisted living place and now it's getting made into a place where women from abused homes can go. There's going to be cops there too in case husbands try to come. I think it's a wonderful thing to give these women a place to go because really, what is there to do in a situation like that? All I can say is that I'm glad I've been so blessed with the life I have been given.

In other news I'm finally done complaining about packing. That's because I'm almost done. Crunch time is/was today since tomorrow I'll be on the road. I've got about.... 1/7th of the trailer packed so in my mind, that's progress. Tonight is a wonderful night of Jennaswan and Carly Love so I'm greatly looking forward to all the giggles and hugs that will be shared.

I have no random facts today because my fact book is already packed away. In fact. It may be at least a whole week until we hear from that great book.
I am thankful for Jennaswan and Carly.

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