Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"There was nothing in the world I cared less about at that moment".

Whatever I did yesterday must have been unimportant up until about noon, because I don't remember it. But. At noonish, Blake's family took us to Subway. I tried the new turkey and bacon guacamole sub. Man it was delicious. Then they said their goodbyes and eventually Blake, Kyle, Brian and I played Funglish for a while. Then Blake and I ate and worked out and took residency in her room for the night. To be honest, I don't even remember all that was done, but I do remember that an incredible amount of laughter was shared. We did watch some Mitcher Davis on youtube, which was wonderful. We also read our entire wall-to-wall and tried to remember the sources of all of that nonsense. Eventually we went to bed. Eventually.

With a sigh of happiness I can say that I am so blessed to be reunited with Blakeley. I know that I can never live far away from her. We decided that now that we're together again it seems like no time has passed, but about two days ago it seemed like forever., and that is a sign of true friendship. Always and forever.

Today Em is coming and we're gonna go to Target to get all of that stuff that we forgot at home, forgot we needed, or just want to have. Then maybe help move some walkabout stuff then finally dinner with Sarah Anne, which will be grand. I'm not too sure what the rest of the night holds but all of the other RCs are supposed to come today, so I suppose some catching up will be in store.

  • The centipede is Tennessee's state bird. Actually. That's a lie.
  • I really like Needtobreathe. Not 'I really like., need to breathe' but I really like the band called Needtobreathe
  • This blog entry was boring and I'm sorry.

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