Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday Talking Time Together Today.

My thoughts are a little scattered today so we'll see how this goes.

Today I woke up and made an egg on toast for breakfast. Then I watched the Bachelorette and worked on some friendship bracelets. Then Erik and I took Andre for a walk. Then Carly came over and we laughed a lot. Then I went to work where I laughed some more.

My dad proves once again to be the most awesome superhero in dad-form that anyone could ask for. I was short on totes for packing and some new ones magically appear in my room.
On the subject of packing... I don't want to do it. I'm definitely a last minute packer, and it's not quite last minute yet. I have 4 whole days until I leave. That's crazy soon, but I just don't feeling like putting it all in boxes yet.
On the subject of leaving... I don't really want to do that either. I do. But I don't. There are things about going back to school that I'm going to just love like my friends, the freedom, the wonderful little town, a schedule, Bible studies, love, DQ runs, and the list goes on. But at the same time there are things about home that I was just starting to get used to. Mainly my new buddies from the Missions trip and my new brother, Erik; along with my wonderfully painted room, my pillow-top mattress, and Carly and Jennaswan and Kyah Jo who I didn't spend nearly enough time with yet. I just don't want to leave them yet. But I know I'll get to school and remember how wonderful it is. Aside from all that homework jazz.

Today this kid came into DQ and he had a piece of paper taped to his head that said "Kiss me. My name is Joe." Can I just say that I don't think anyone would actually follow those directions. I guess I shouldn't be so critical, but I'm finding I don't mesh much with people who try to draw attention to themselves in ways such as that. On another note, there were a lot of sweet people who came through drive through and delivered smiles to me. I like that. Tiff, Cortt, Trina and I ran the entire store tonight, and let me tell you, we are quite the team.

  • Word of the day just for Kate: impedimenta: baggage or other things that retard one's progress. Makes total sense right? Speech impediments? Slows a person down.
  • In the urban West, one out of three women has blond hair; only one in 20 is blonde by nature. Dumb. Brunettes have more fun anyways.
  • I love Andy Samberg.
  • I enjoy the new B.o.B. album immensely.

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