Monday, July 26, 2010

The Bittersweetness of Life.

To set the mood, I am listening to Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve. Often times I think that life is just a common motion of bittersweetness, and I am currently once again caught in the bittersweetnesses of life. In case you're wondering, bittersweetness is an actual word, but bittersweetnesses is unfortunately not. But. When I want a word plural, I make it plural.

So. To sound dramatic, life has once again ripped me away from my home and taken me back to school. The thing that stinks is that I'm already missing my besties from home. The goodbyes came too soon and the hugs seemed to never be enough.
And now to sound non-dramatic, I love my location and my other besties here. Rachel Dee and I are staying in a dorm together until our places of residence finally open up. It was incredibly excellent to see her last night and exchange the couple hours of long overdue chit chat. I also got to see Nikweeta for a little while which was once again, excellent.
Today I got all of my stuff moved into to the dorm. Temporarily. Until I can move into my house. By the way.. Do you know what's worse than hauling stuff?... Hauling stuff twice. Yes. But on the positive side, it's a great workout. Then. Finally at last I got to see Sarah Anne. I tell ya, that hug was long overdue. I'm crazy excited to cook meals and watch movies with her and be her roomie! It will be a grand time.

Well. Now that I've gotten in a couple minutes of relaxation it is time to go help get stuff ready for walkabout. Adios amigos.

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