Wednesday, February 2, 2011

40 + 40 = 1,20.

Right now, I kinda wish I was in love.  Mostly because of the song 'You Really Got A Hold On Me' by Zooey Deschanel.  Her fault.  Well.  I obviously don't actually want to be in love.  Because I don't have someone to be in love with.  Anyways, just something that assists my weird mood at the moment. 

I miss my dad.  Wish he was here and that his texts were actually words that he said to me before I walk out the door.  Still precious that he cares to text me though.  I'll definitely take that.  Hopefully he comes to visit soon. 

New Orleans meeting tonight.  Still super pumped to go.  Eager to learn more about it and actually get there.  But I just know I have a humongo homework hill to climb first.

Speaking of that homework hill, I got a couple of steps to climb tonight.  One of Linear, Clide (that's Nikweeta's nickname for Non-Euclidean Geometry and History), and New Testament.  Lots of proofs and a sexagesimal system to get through.  Along with whatever is in Chapter One of that one book I haven't opened. By the way.  A sexagesimal system has a base 60.  So 50 + 20 is actually 1,10.  Just in case you were curious. 
Blogging is just one form of procrastination.  Michael will be my next in the form of skype.  20 minutes of being productive while drinking vanilla chai in




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